Witches' Wheel Removal Speculation

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Are you seriously allowed to bring coolers into the park? Again, I wish they would get something to go with Magnum's anniversary. That would be so cool. But my money is still on a gerstlaur sky roller because I'd love doing this:

But Sledgehammer would be awesome or perhaps a top scan. I was exploring the dreams thread and one user said that Cedar Point built showers for the guests to cool off under. That would be cool to see, and I had one where the dream entailed a restaurant and a swimming pool with a wading end and deep end(which was at 20' deep). We do come up with some pretty good ideas in our heads. šŸ˜†šŸ˜“

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I'd rather be sailing

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Skyhawk at Wonderland is super fun. It takes some practice to get flipping but it is an extreme thrill ride once you learn it. It can also basically be a junior windseeker if you decide you just want a tame flying experience.

It's not great for capacity, and I've waited in long lines for it but I would be happy to see more in the chain.

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Pete said:
Exactly right, Magnum has been perfection since 1989. Track smoothing would be a horrific modification.

Amen. Iā€™m here at the park right now, and took several laps on Magnum. Fine the way she is, leave her alone! Still an awesome coaster!

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