Witches' Wheel Removal Speculation


This removal is really puzzling me for a few reasons.

1. The Witches' Wheel gondolas just got repainted for the 2018 season, as seen at Winter Chill Out. Why would CP do this if they were just going to remove the ride? They never made any improvements to Mean Streak for the 2016 season before closing it. My guess is that we'll see Witches' Wheel at another Cedar Fair park next year, but Tony never specified that. If I remember correctly, as soon as Demon Drop's closure was announced, they immediately said it was moving to Knott's (later changed to Dorney).

2. What room for expansion do they have with the removal of such a small footprint? I'm really not sure if another flat ride could got there, especially with it being sandwiched between Gemini and Magnum.

3. The blog entry makes me almost certain that they will be doing something to Magnum or the pathway near it next year, which would make sense since the ride is celebrating its 30th anniversary. However, what could you do to the ride that would force the removal of Witches' Wheel to make use of its footprint? With Gemini so close, I don't see anything that you could do, even if you give Magnum an entirely new track layout.

Now I'm actually really eager to see what the park has planned for next year. I was just going to write off CP's announcement in favor of the Wonderland and Carowinds announcements, but this might be more than we anticipated.

It’s obvious, guys. Witches Wheel will be Michigan Adventure’s long awaited attraction for the 2019 season.

Considering that's my home park while I'm in college, I would actually love this.

What if this is hinting towards Magnum being removed? 👀

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Hopefully it is in conjunction with the removal of dragster across the midway.

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^Why say such ludicrous things?

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A new guest services booth location will be placed there so people can be made whole again without walking all the way up front because when you're at the back of the park, you will feel you need to be made whole for having to walk all the way up front.

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Well that's a shame. It's a unique ride in the United States.

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Brian, are you not familiar with the Be Made Whole Again Desk in Town Hall Museum? Very convenient. 🤣

Mean Streak had its 3 trains sent to PTC before 2016 despite only using 2 during its last season, if memory serves.

It would be a good place for an observation tower ;)

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It is within shouting distance of the soon-to-be-extinct dinos as well. Whatever its removal is for may not come to fruition for a couple years; it does not necessarily mean something is going to occupy its spot immediately.

I would agree that it will most likely be relocated to a different park if its in good condition, but others have noted that it has been plagued by problems as of late.

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Cargo Shorts said:

Brian, are you not familiar with the Be Made Whole Again Desk in Town Hall Museum? Very convenient. 🤣

I kind of knew about it, but I think it's limited as to what they can do in there, I may be wrong.

The red area is what the removal of Witches Wheel frees up. Likely, a new flat if anything. I don't even know if a Wild Mouse coaster would fit in that space, but Wildcat took up a very small footprint. Putting in something like that could help fill the hole in the family ride lineup.

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A moment of silence for those poor trees near Witches' Wheel, which provided the best shade in the park outside of Frontier Trail.

Yeah, they’ll be removed and replanted with bonsais.

I am going to miss the Witches' Wheel. It had the best seat belts in the park. B-)

While I wold love the return of Wildcat, that seems a bit of a stretch. Does anyone recall when they took it down, did they disassemble it with care, or with a excavator for scrap? I suspect scrap because otherwise, where has it been in storage?

So what type of flat is being pondered? For nostalgia, I want one of the second generation Enterprises, but you could have practically substituted that in the off season and the GP would have barely noticed. IMHO, we need to look to Canada's Wonderland for inspiration. I think it likely we will be seeing something very similar to something from their collection.

ABC Ride's Tourbillon please!

^^ Pieces of Wildcat (I believe both cars and track) were spotted in a nearby Sandusky scrap heap within days of the decision to remove it. It's not coming back.


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As a Michigan resident, a “new” ride for Michigan’s Adventures would be very welcomed! The last substantial addition for that park was Thunderhawk back in 2007 and that was already a re-located ride from Geauga Lake. Michigan’s Adventures is long overdue for some attention from Cedar Fair.

Onto speculation for cedar point, could this removal have anything to do with the demolition of Sandcastle Suits Hotel? What if the witches wheel area was the queue entrance for a B&M hyper like Fury 325 stretching out to the sandcastle suit site. I know it’s very unlikely, but that’s my optimistic guess for CP to regain the coaster title for the 150 year anniversary.

KI has a very limited selection of flat rides. And I get there as much as I do CP. So I hope they install it there.

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