Witches' Wheel Removal Speculation

Wouldn’t the Gemini footprint be more of a concern? Magnum has nothing to do with this. Perhaps exactly nothing will fill the spot. Sometimes to retire a ride is to have no immediate plan to replace it. Just a necessity to cut ties with a maintenance money pit. What is it, a 50’ circle? STR site, MF Island; there’s much bigger fish to fry.

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Hmmm... 50’ circle..... what could go there?
Two 3 Point Challenge games!!

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Well I guess a Starbucks would be nice for the 2.5 hour drive home when I park in the CPS lot. Those are usually long days.

What would fit into the space vacated by Witches Wheel?

How would it look if Tiki Twirl moved there to join all those rides on the Gemini midway with a similar overall look and color scheme?

And then what happens to the space recently vacated by Oceana and now filled with that sand pit and diminutive stage? What could fit into THAT space?

I know nothing of the park's plans. But what about something on the scale of, say, American Thunder, the Coaster Formerly Known as Evel Kneivel at Six Flags St. Louis?

Oh, there is an article somewhere on this site that claims that Witches Wheel is about 70' in diameter, which means the site is at least 73' wide and deep, probably a little more. Where did I see that...?

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This could be a queue space for my dream coaster that goes behind or in front of Gemini and behind SV...no trees have to die!


While I think it will be a flat ride for families that goes in that spot to add to what was done with Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream. I would love an Intamin Sky Jump, similar to Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa.

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While I think a GCI like American Thunder may be a bit large for that spot, a Mack Twist and Splash like Tsunami Soaker that SFSTL has would fit perfectly there and is pure family fun for all ages without the protein spill factor.

I can see a restaurant of some sort going in here. There really isn’t any place to eat on that midway other than a pretzel or some fries. Perhaps throw in a show while you eat (think Biergarten at KI). Let’s just hope they would be able to staff it early on in the season.

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Cargo Shorts said:

I will pretend you didn’t say that.

Someone on this very website said they got multiple infections from riding it before, and you want to keep it around? Okay then.

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If that is your mindset, then may I suggest you stay away from lakes and also public pools for that matter? Seeing as that water is fed in directly from the lake, bacteria will be present. It is worse in public pools, so should CP Shores fold up too?

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I've got news for you, the lake water before entering Thunder Canyon is cleaner than when it's actually in Thunder Canyon. Who knows what kind of bacteria and filth is lurking in the pumping systems for that ride. Ick.

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And as I previously stated, swimming pools are even worse.

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Given the hundreds of thousands of gallons of ’fresh’ water going through those pumps every day, the amount of “ick” and bacteria from the pumps would be an infinitesimallay small virtually unmeasurable amount.

All water has contaminants, it’s about the acceptable amounts as ppm.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

I’m pretty sure Cedar Point would be required to run spore tests and bacterial cultures on a regular basis and if there are abnormal levels, would be required to treat or close the ride. No different than any other pool.

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I'm just gonna leave this here...

N. Fowleri...At least CP doesn't have this abomination.

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For those who mentioned a wild mouse roller coaster, would a ride like Ricochet(Kings Dominion) be considered big enough for that footprint? I think that would be an ideal spot for something like that. I'm also in on a potential observation tower ride similar to the kissing tower at Hershey Park. That doesn't take up too much space and would provide great views of the park right there.

Polar Coaster, yea!

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With gold track!

Is Jason McClure's "KEEP OUT" pic on Twitter from CCMR?

Personally, I don't think we will see a compact coaster back there.

I would LOVE to see a Gerstlauer Sky Roller like they have over at Canada's Wonderland go in there. Otherwise I think CP might do what Kentucky Kingdom just did: Get a Zamperla Endeavor to replace the Enterprise.

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