Witches' Wheel Removal Speculation

Could this have anything to do with the return of Western Cruise?

^Unless they use an elevated bridge or drawbridge for whatever Forbidden Frontier is, that probably can't happen.

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With the overwhelming dunes, plains and deserts what does a Western Cruise have to do with Frontiertown other than shoddy theming for a ride in some ponds?

I get the train theming with frontier town, but the riverboats?

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You're overthinking it.


By the same token, why has there never been any kind of riverboat ride at Kings Island, in RIVERtown?

—Dave Althoff, Jr.

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^Because there's no river. Which only deepens the mystery further...

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There used to be a bigger log flume ride, called Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal in that section of the park, but it was taken out. Which is sad, because as has been said, log flumes are great attractions. :)

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Almost positive Kenton's was an Arrow Hydroflume with turntable, very similar to WWL. Guess there is a shelf life on those, which is unfortunate as I find them the best flumes.

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RideMan said:

By the same token, why has there never been any kind of riverboat ride at Kings Island, in RIVERtown?

—Dave Althoff, Jr.

When we were there this summer my husband asked the Eiffel Tower operator why it's called Kings Island when it's not on an island. There was a actually a good answer for that one.

Coney Island wasn’t much of an island either. More like a lake at times. Coney Island - the river + Kings Mills = Kings Island

When I was about 9 on my first trip to KI, I made the insight that "There's no king, and there's no island!"

My mom and I still love to make that joke.

Very weird to see this area fenced in on Saturday night with about 80% of the ride removal done. Alot of the surrounding trees were torn down also (gasp!). This plot of real estate is alot bigger than I thought, enough for possibly 2 new flats or dare I say, a wild mouse coaster. Check it out when you get there.

I think this would be the perfect spot for an open air bar with light refreshments. Something like Schooner's at CPS. The park needs more of these. Inside the park your only option for a real drink is Melt correct? Otherwise just beer stalls and whatnot.

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Scott Cameron said:
Inside the park your only option for a real drink is Melt correct? Otherwise just beer stalls and whatnot.

I just realized that you might be referring to spirits with your “real drink” comment, but you can also get partially real drinks at the “tavern/pub” located at the beginning of the frontier trail, which, I believe, is the nicest place to drink a beer on the park.

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

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Define "real drink..." There are several places to get a cold beverage throughout the park. Chickie's & Pete's has a bar, there's the Frontier craft beer place mentioned above, Last Chance Saloon across from Maverick, Red Garter Saloon, and the beer stands. I've never had much trouble finding a decent beer when I wanted one.

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I always get the electric lemonade at the Trail Tavern...Non alcoholic though.

As for real drinks you could just get soft drinks and the like.

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My apologies guys by "real drink" I should've said full bar. I myself am more than satisfied with all the beer choices but the wifey is kinda picky. I forgot about the Trail's End Tavern but even there (while they do have some liquor) I don't think it's a full bar. I guess I'll have to check it out again on Friday.

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Usually at the Trail Tavern the have some beers, some wines, and that Full Throttle Sloonshine which is 80 proof, if I recall correctly.

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Melt, Famous Dave's, and TGIF are the only full bars I've been in. All serve liquor and shots. I was told by people we were sitting next to at Melt that Chic and Pete's has a strict only on the limited drink menu, only 4, and no shots policy. Family environment. If that's true or not, I don't know. They ordered shots for themselves when they saw that we were allowed to. I don't even like buying the beer in the park since I always have plenty at the resort.

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