Witches' Wheel Removal Speculation

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I honestly may not go back to cedar point for a long time if they get rid of the magnum next year, coupled with the fact that I'm going to be moving far away from the park

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^Where did this even come from? Magnum isn’t going anywhere anytime in your or my lifetime. Don’t worry.

^thats funny right there

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CPVet must be REALLY old.
I for one plan to outlive the Magnum.

LOL I’m just a couple years older than Magnum. And as long as Cedar Point exists, I do not think they’ll ever remove her.

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Blue Streak is the old fart in the park, and it's "only" 54 years old.

Sing it with me...

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CPVet said:
LOL I’m just a couple years older than Magnum. And as long as Cedar Point exists, I do not think they’ll ever remove her.

Magnum = female
Magnum = not vulnerable
Magnum = always exist

Seems logical. Also, the earth might be flat. Magnum has been a blunder since 1988. The trains: what was Arrow ever thinking? No upstop wheels on a coaster (engineered?) with ejector, extreme angle, bunny hops? Really though? The added ups stops have always Been laughable. So tiny. Complete after thought. Only increases the extremeness of the negative gs. Also Major track work and replacements.
Magnum might not be sinking, although I’m not surprised Arrow did.

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Magnum is one of the most successful roller coasters ever installed at Cedar Point. The "tiny" up stop wheels seem to work just fine and the ride seems to be very reliable. The extreme negative G's is what makes the ride really exciting and fun! Magnum was a sensation when new and the ride is still one of the best rides in the park regardless of what the small group of Magnum bashers on Pointbuzz think.

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than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

Didn’t intend to hurt your feelings Pete. I’d post a video if it didn’t violate the park/state onride camera use. Very solid “performance” from an alleged new Magnum rider.. to sum it up “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

My opinion is not unique.

I'm always happy to step in and defend Magnum. I will be devastated if they ever remove it.

It is a fantastic coaster with amazing airtime. Can it be a bit rough? Sure. But considering how short of a wait there usually is for it, it might be my favorite coaster from the standpoint of a wait time to enjoyment ratio.

Also, the view while climbing the lift hill is incredible!

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and had a bowl of cheerio pee

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

It’s literally as simple as just riding in the second row of any car to not have a rough ride. You have to choose a row anyway, why not let your choice give you a good ride?

Cue the “you shouldn’t have to sit in a specific row in order to enjoy a ride” choir...

CPNostalgia said:

I honestly may not go back to cedar point for a long time if they get rid of the magnum next year, coupled with the fact that I'm going to be moving far away from the park

See Ya!!

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^^ Funny you mention this now.
It took me nearly 2 seasons and 100+ rides to figure out that first car, 2 row is where I want to be on Magnum. Now that I’m in the know rides are much more enjoyable, but still, it could be so much better.

Next year (I think) Magnum turns 30 and I'm hoping it gets some sort of make-over.

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Magnum was my first coaster...in it's opening year. I was 9. It was and still is an amazing coaster. I personally hope it doesn't go anywhere. But it seems unlikely it has has an end date anytime soon.

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

I love Magnum. My most ridden coaster. Have been riding it since I was 7 years old (1992 season). That being said, its really rough. I've started only riding in center seats and going for the very tight belt, very loose lap bar style to mitigate it. It's still fun, best lift hill views, great experience overall but it's a legitimate take to say that it's too rough for some. The trims entering the pretzel are just awful. Didn't get a single ride where they didn't grab this season. Hoping for tunnel effects and maybe something else for the big 30th next year... But I would understand if they decided to go with new trains at some point. Can't imagine it being removed anytime soon, however... at least not in the next decade.

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I rode Magnum Friday night in the front row of car 6. Super smooth for Magnum and the trims barely grabbed at all, which was quite the pleasant surprise. Was very windy. Would his be why the trims were barely on? Still love this ride as do many others. Definitely in my top 5 there and always has been.

My friend had ridden Magnum in the front earlier in the season and didn't enjoy it at all. I made him ride in the back on Friday. After riding, he made sure we were going to ride it again later that night after getting such an awesome ride. When we rode later, we rode with our eyes closed, laughed our butts off and even managed to sneak in a re-ride....definitely love this hyper.

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My only gripe about Magnum is the trains. The lapbar makes me have to sit at an angle instead of straight ahead, not the most comfortable way to ride. But she’s still a must-ride every visit. And every time I bring a CP rookie they are impressed with ride and it’s history.

Assuming Morgan track is pretty similar in dimensions to Arrow track, would something like the B&M trains on Steel Dragon 2000 work on Magnum?


Nothing comparable with Arrow track and the Morgan “giga” track.

Ah. Didn’t realize Morgan used different track for their Giga.


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