BESIDES Mantis what else for 2015?

In that case, I would like the lockers to be free.


I heard that they will be making the lockers free.

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^^ I see what you did there :-)

CP is performing a massive amount of work this off season, perhaps the most they have ever done both in terms of cost and scale ( I seem to recall the park saying that but can't find it to confirm).

Not sure why some people are expecting more.

I don't think anyone is expecting more. It just seems as though there is more coming. Frankly, I love what the new management is doing. Updating the park's overall look and feel has always been something I've wanted them to focus on, and it's almost complete if you ask me. Aside from the crapy pavilions by raptor, the midway by Blue Streak, and the coliseum, the park is PERFECT.

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CPGuru said:
I don't think anyone is expecting more. It just seems as though there is more coming.

Do you realize that that translates to "I don't think anyone is expecting more. I am expecting more."?


Given the context of your post, I get that ultimately you're happy with what they're doing for next year. But "seems as though there is more coming" is absolutely the expectation that more is coming.


Not really... I read it more as that nobody has the *expectation* that something will come, believing/hoping that it will indeed happen, but on the flip side, there is some reason to believe (at least for some) that more will happen. They don't expect it to happen, but they feel like something might happen.

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How is feeling like or believing something might happen different from expecting that something might happen? Believing or feeling like something will happen is almost the verbatim definition of "expect". :)

Regardless, not a big deal. I was just amused by the juxtaposition of the two statements. I understand what he was getting at ultimately.


Except that "more" is ALWAYS coming.

CF spends $80m or more on capex every year. They are always adding new stuff, renovating existing infrastructure, etc. CP said that the resort renovations will cost $60m over several years. Adjusting for inflation, about what they spent on MF, Maverick & Gatekeeper.

Something more WILL happen--it has happened every year for decades at CP.

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^^ Feeling like and believing are two different things. I am not saying it's a significant difference but it's there.

"Feeling like" and "believing" both involve uncertainty. Based on CP's track record we can "feel like" and/or "believe" there is more coming with reasonable certainty, thus making it a distinction without a difference.

In this case it is much closer to "knowing" than "feeling" or "believing."

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Yes, There will always be something new in the future. That's irrelevant to the discussion of anything major coming for 2015 that has not yet been announced.

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What makes me think something more will happen is the placement of the new webcam. The Blue Streak midway has been the target of speculation to get a revamp which is where the new cam was placed. If not for that reason, it's kind of pointless to place it there this late in the season.

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I think Cedar Point is clearly done improving the park. And, other than minor upgrades here and there, we should expect nothing for the rest of, oh, I'll say the decade.

CPGuru said:
Aside from the crapy pavilions by raptor, the midway by Blue Streak, and the coliseum, the park is PERFECT.

Preach on brother! Only way to go is down from here!

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When Rougarou was first announced I was half expecting more such as the thrill ride mentioned in the interview. But after seeing how they are advertising Rougarou as a brand new ride, I think this is the thrill ride that was referred to. I see some small improvements as we see every year, but nothing huge.
Also, has any one else noticed there are some people at the park now that think Mantis is an entirely new ride. It hasn't even been fully painted and people think it's brand new. Just shows what a poster and new paint can do for a ride :)

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Group of people in front of the sign, one said "look at all the loops, how cool." I didn't have the heart to tell her just to look to her left.

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^ this is exactly why this transformation is brilliant. When the speculation was happening over the summer people acted as if Cedar Point would be "deceiving" people by marketing this as a new roller coaster.

The reality is the vast majority have no clue... They will see/hear advertising in the spring for something new and will come to the park. The park will see a significant increase in attendance for fractions of the cost of a new coaster.

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It doesn't matter if it's new or existing, but only a good return on investment.

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So I am pretty sure Tony's most recent blog post shoots down any chance of anything else major happening next season. It starts off with this:
"We've now given you a pretty good idea of everything that's coming in 2015. The two centerpieces being Rougarou and the re-opening of the remodeled Hotel Breakers." -Tony

Sorry for those of you expiating more, also, here is a quick link to the post:

It seems like the past few years there have been little unexpected things that pop up. Like this year there was the updated petting farm, new coke freestyle machine, and trail tavern. I am sure there will be *something* else, but highly doubt it will be a ride or anything major.

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My kids sure thought the updated petting farm was major. :)

It's all about the little things, especially when they add up to our home park becoming better as a whole.

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