BESIDES Mantis what else for 2015?

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Greetings from Canfield! :)

Modifying the restraints on Maverick is my favorite thing that CP did for this season. Really enjoyed Rougarou, but Maverick is now a nearly perfect coaster to me.

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It looks like Cedars will be around for awhile. There are painters painting the trim on the building and it looks like the siding will be painted as well.

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Is this whole thing being painted? Or, just what can be seen from Perimeter Rd and the park? Perhaps they're just trying to keep it from being an eyesore to the guests visiting the park. Now that the Goodtime Theater is gone. it is very visible from the park.

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Or hopefully they're just using up the last of that wretched color paint they have laying around for full time painters to do in their downtime since they're being paid anyway?

If they start replacing roofing shingles then you know it's staying.

Really hope it's just cosmetic use of already planned payroll.

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The park does not have a huge painting staff, probably only a half dozen at most. For large jobs they bring in contractors. During the season they work for the most part the hours that the park is closed.

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I think the painters I saw are contractors.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

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I wouldn't think painting is any indication of the building staying or going. It's not like they were doing major construction work. As Jason said above, it could be just to make it less of an eyesore since it's more visible from the park now. And they are planting grass in the GTT and TPC space, which could very well get torn up later this year.

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The new Maverick restraints are fantastic. Huge improvement in the ride experience. I liked it before, but I had to learn a way to ride it and use my hands and arms to brace my head and neck. I have friends who like major coasters but hated it because of the pain inflicted by the old restraints. One of those people rode it with me this weekend after previously stating "never again"
After one ride, and loved it. Now if they could just reinstate the tunnel effects...

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