The Boardwalk - New for 2023

I wonder if they will experiment with having the new bar/restaurant be available for hotel guests after hours. Could be really nice to have late night entertainment and cocktails in a venue away from the hotel. I think this would add big value to a nights stay at the hotel.

It wasn’t my post, I was just clearing that up for you. And by the way, that’s not what I call a “cussing out”.
So what’s this “downtown Cedar Point” at the front gate of which you speak? And what does “or is that all torn down too? mean, please? Now I’m very curious.

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I know the idea of a resort/entertainment complex was tossed around here as a solution to the empty Cedars plot of land.

Nope, that is the location of the Pickle-Ball courts.


I was speaking about the area where the Centential
Theater was and the other store fronts.

Everything’s stayed the same there, except Bayou was removed and expanded into the much larger French Quarter Confections, with a nice, brand new building. Corral, near Cedar Downs, was completely rebuilt that same year, also a nice new building with indoor service.
On the other side of the midway Pink’s was out and Mac Shack was in but that building didn’t change. And those were some of the new additions for the unfortunate 2020 anniversary season, so it’s been a minute.

Been more than a minute. They renamed the theater back in 2009. You might need to expand your list a bit if you want to include everything that's changed.

I don’t. I think for some reason they were referring to all that “was torn down” in Downtown Cedar Point whatever the heck that is. I’m out.

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You're out? After you've been all in this whole time? You're too invested now! 🤣🤣🤣

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

If they were to do a Downtown Cedar Point idea, it would make more sense to house this area closer to the resorts and not inside of the park. The old Cedars location would be a nightmare since it is on the opposite side of the park from Breakers and the campground.

As I watch the exit ramp of Wild mouse come together, I now wonder if the small building that will be there will serve multi purpose as an electrical building but also as a photo building . Four across seating will make for some nice family photos of some young folks possible first coaster experience.

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It appears they're installing some sort of electrical cabinets in the building today.


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I wonder if WCO will give any teasers about the small building.

Promoter of fog.

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According to ElToroRyan the small building will be the centerpiece of the Q&A presentation.



Small Building > Shed?

I dont know if its beach maintenance or what but it looks like they are moving a lot of sand behind the new pavillion out into the lake... maybe a small pier?

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I wonder if WCO will give any teasers about the small building.

That's a shed sir...

All the focus on this small building, what about that small building:

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I mean, the building could have a backward launch.

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what about that small building:

The building on the far left in front of the Gatekeeper Plaza? Maybe a new Bathroom and or changing area for the beach? It looks to be inside the park so the changing rooms is less likely. Also less likely for it to be a new building for the parasail and jet ski rentals.

Hard to tell with the wheel in the way, but it doesn't look like anything's been started on it. There's still time though, the ice cream building and whatever's replacing roost haven't been started yet either.

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