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I would guess that's where the building's mechanicals are located. Stuff like ventilation, climate control, etc. Normally commercial buildings have flat roofs (or flat sections of an otherwise sloped roof) where it's easy to plop down that stuff. Given that GP's sloped roof, they likely tucked that stuff in there to hide it from view from the ground.


Seems like that is a difficult place to clear snow from.

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I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean manually clearing snow, that's not a thing unless you live somewhere that gets an excessive amount of accumulated snow through winter, and Sandusky isn't one of those places. If instead you're referring to snow melting and finding a path to ground, like basically any commercial/industrial building there are drains on the flat roof connected to drain pipes leading to exit at ground level or directly into storm drains.


I seem to have a memory from 1978 that says different.

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Seeing as how a significant amount of people posting here weren't alive when your brain formed that memory, I think Brandon's point stands.

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Yes, it is possible that there could be a massive, once- or twice-a-century snowstorm, but it would be economically impractical to build based on such an infrequent event. So I guess I should have said "...that's not a thing unless you live somewhere that regularly gets an excessive amount of accumulated snow through winter, and Sandusky isn't one of those places."


Im guessing that building will be around for quite a few deep snow storms.

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It would survive just like any other Flat roofed building in the mid-west. the design is there for it (snowfall).

Ahhhhh C.P. My Happy Place!

Blizzard of '78 is one you remember if you were alive for it (and old enough to remember). Cedar Point has been through a lot of winters (including the one in 1978). Some worse than others. But no doubt they plan for them in terms of structures.

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I doubt that anyone cleared snow from the Arcade, Games Plaza, Shops, Restaurants, or Offices, all of which have flat roofs or flat areas, in 1978.

This really seems like someone in search of a problem.

Why do you say pessimistic? Any time new flats arrive it’s a good thing.
And take a look around the rest of the CF chain. Just about everyone has a Flying Scooter now and I can think of a couple more than KI with Disk-O coasters. I wouldn’t say CP would necessarily need to duplicate attractions simply because KI did. I also know that rides that prove reliable and popular are likely to be used at parks around the country. Someone should explain that concept to Six Flags.

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^Haven't you seen all of those Larson Loopers? ;)

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CP posted a video of the new pavilion food options on tiktok, making me hungry. Wish they were able to show off more of these at wco.

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"Artisan Plank Flatbread Pizza" doing a lot of heavy lifting for what appear to be cheese sticks.

That said, everything looks amazing.

Off topic, TikTok is just the worst mainstream app ever. I loathe that you cannot disable autoplay (unless I'm missing something), so I basically never open the app until I get a link, at which point I'm reminded just what an awful, user-hostile app it is, then close it immediately after watching one video. /rant


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And now we finally know what that permit referenced in the TTD thread was filed for.

So much for your reverse spike ;)

If I can't get my perch, some walleye is a good second option. I like what I see.

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If I'm reading right it's for a building that will have vertical, insulation, fire, electric, etc. Right?

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I can't be the only one who is disappointed that they didn't show off their chicken tenders. We all know how absolutely delicious those are.

The walleye does look good. Unfortunately with my luck I will get the last piece in the pan that has been sitting under the warming lamp for 30 minutes.

I still say it being yet another cafeteria set up location is a miss. Oh well, won't be on our list with that menu for now with the picky eater young kids among dining plan locations.

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Seems just a tad premature to complain about a menu they haven't finalized.


I can’t imagine how the “cafeteria” style set up, so preferred these days by Cedar Fair for their new installations, could be considered a miss of any kind. Two lines in a wedge configuration means it’s flexible depending on attendance, it’s easier on staff, it’s quick, the food is attractive, fresh and visible before you order it, and the customer isn’t left to wait for wait staff to show up at their table. For the dollar, every theme park everywhere should use that concept. Leave the table service to the high end meals and the walk up windows and counters to the county fair.

James Parker Jr- It seems like you may have mentioned it before, but I’m genuinely curious to know why you wouldn’t approve. Maybe I’m missing something, but I like it.

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