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I'm watching the work on the pavilion and wondering, are they going to have that area done by opening day? That's only 2 months away and it's all just mud still. Or will the opening be after opening day?

Looks great, though! Can't wait till it's all done! That annual pass is burning a hole in my pocket. :-)

It does seem like there is a ton of work to do still prior to opening day. I did notice that they finally have removed the mobile offices from the area on the lake side of the Wild Mouse.

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62 days is plenty of time. The last major project would appear to be laying the foundations for and then installing Atomic Scrambler and Matterhorn. The speed the park can get landscaping and concrete work done is impressive.

If you're super into it, take a screen shot of the progress every two days from now until opening day to put into perspective how much can get done in what seems like a small window of time.

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And of critical importance, how in the world do they expect to get the buckets onto Giant Wheel in all that mess?

Park has a lot of experience with offseason construction projects and the deadline of opening day. At this point (knock on wood) its been a pretty mild winter so they may be ahead of where they thought they would be (or at least haven't used as many bad weather days as they thought they would have to).

If needed, they can use this for the Giant Wheel cabins:

Just dial the power back a little and launch from near MaxAir.

Yeah like clockwork, on every project people get anxious that they’ll never be done in time for opening day, and like clockwork, somehow it gets done. You’d be amazed at how huge of a mess the park still looks literally a week away from opening.

Yeah if I remember correctly, Valravn's trackwork wasn't even done at Winter Chill Out that year and the midway wasn't even poured. I definitely think it'll be done for Opening Day. I wouldn't even be shocked if they invite the local media in a day or two early to see the area.

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You can usually get a sense for whether or not they're behind or ahead of schedule based on how much overtime they're putting in. If, for example, they're not working on a nice weather Saturday, it's a safe bet they are on or ahead of schedule.


Those most concerned should direct their attention to Kings Island. I saw some construction photos the other day which I assumed were recent, and they have a loooong way to go with their new area. The pavement is torn up, the bar is gutted, and the new rides are represented by foundations only. And they have an opening date of Apr 15th, 41 days from today and about 21 days ahead of Cedar Point.

Kings Island said a few days ago that they’re postponing Adventure Port’s opening until “sometime in the summer” and will miss opening day.

Oh, shoot. And I guess that will make for a considerable re-direct of traffic around that area, unless they can get pavers down and a wall all around the attractions. It’s kind of crucial for traffic there.
I don’t follow KI closely, probably should, but I guess my concern was real-er than I thought! Thanks for the info.

Something I was thinking around the Boardwalk is what if down the road they find a way to maybe keep the boardwalk open later for resort guests. Like mainly the Grand Pavilion where resort guests can go get a late night drink in the Pavilion. Obviously they would have to block off access to other areas of the park, but I would think it would be awesome if resort guests were to get an extra hour or 2 in the Boardwalk area. Also another thing I'm wondering is if they could eventually add more to the Boardwalk down the road. Not anything huge, but more to make the Boardwalk more like a family entertainment area. Like an idea is maybe relocate Slingshot from the current area by Gemini to where the basketball game is currently behind the Coliseum. Give it a nice light package similar to the one in Daytona Beach it would fit the boardwalk very well. Another idea is how about a ropes course like the one at The Island in Pigeon Forge? I know in the concept art there is a pretty decent size grass area between Wild Mouse and the beach, maybe you could put it there? Obviously we don't know the final product yet as that is just a concept drawing. Just some ideas on the area.

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My hopes for any additional night time entertainment have been greatly dimmed following the discontinuation of Cedar Point Nights.


Plus it’s hard to think about extending the resort experience to include other venues when it’s hard to find the actual resort amenities open much past when the park closes. Especially at the earlier and later ends of the main season. When the park closes at 8 and you can’t get a drink past 8:30 it doesn’t leave a whole lot to do.

I think that one of the biggest issues with the Wild Nights (besides the price) was the fact that they had to close everything down, get everyone out of the park (forcing people out of frontier town early), then open back up and hope that people wanted to come back, or new people showed up. I don't know how they could do any kind of large scale yet limited night time event without that problem.

I'm hopeful for some big event announcement to replace Nights/Wild Nights, but I'm not realistically expecting anything.

I would think resort guests would love it if just the pavilion was available for after hours cocktails and enjoying the decks.

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If I remember correctly, Tony did mention that they are working on a smaller/scaled-down version of Cedar Point Nights. And yes, according to preciously posted article.

Clark said a smaller version of Cedar Point Nights was being planned, centered around Hotel Breakers

For what it's worth.

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Honestly, I think that it would be better if the whole Cedar Point Nights style activities on the beach took place all summer like from Memorial Day to Labor Day and not just select nights in July/August. Like every night the park is open have the glow games/activities and the DJ. I think having it by the Breakers would be nice for resort guests. Which also goes back to my whole Boardwalk after hours idea. Maybe even on evenings the park is closed where the resorts are open like when the park is weekend only, the night before the weekend when the resorts have guests have the Grand Pavilion and maybe select Boardwalk area rides open (obviously depending on staffing and such) for resort guests to enjoy the evening/night before the park opens.

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I think that one of the biggest issues with the Wild Nights (besides the price) was the fact that they had to close everything down, get everyone out of the park (forcing people out of frontier town early), then open back up and hope that people wanted to come back, or new people showed up. I don't know how they could do any kind of large scale yet limited night time event without that problem.

Agreed, which is why seeing Wild Frontier Nights go by the wayside isn't particularly surprising.

But Cedar Point Nights? Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't Cedar Point Nights on the beach near Breakers? If so, it doesn't suffer the same issues as Wild Frontier Nights, and I don't understand how it can be made more "centered around Hotel Breakers" without it being significantly watered down. I hope I'm wrong, and I hope this isn't a new trend for the park after years of solid improvements in this area.


I agree with that. I already considered CP Nights to be centered around Hotel Breakers since it was on the boardwalk and beach. The only part that didn't seem to get much response last year was the luau in the Lakeside Pavilion last year, and I felt like that was in part due to the location. Had those food stands been on the boardwalk I feel they would have had more success.

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