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Yeah we do as well. I'm thinking Bluestreaker hasn't been to Disney, where so many people are trying to get an in-park sit down and be served (aka table service) restaurant experience that reservations for same are often hard to get, even 60 days in advance. I know CP and Disney are completely different experiences but CP does have resorts and touts itself as the "resort" experience so it's not out the realm for them to offer some table service as well. I do understand why the 1 day park visitor probably wouldn't be interested but the family that stays 3 nights at Breakers certainly would.

Given the size of the building when announced and location, at the time I did hope they'd have table service in there. Not the white cloth, reservation only, experience referenced earlier in this thread but some form of table service with that view would've been great. That being said, I'm very excited about the menu and photos and welcome that it presumably will at least have inside seating. And the open-air bar on the upper level looks to be great too. So I'm completely happy with what's been shown so far and can't wait to see it person!

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Especially Disney. Sit down meals both in park, and at the resorts, are sometimes more of the focus of our visits than rides and attractions.

Yeah same for us.

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Scott Cameron:

And the open-air bar on the upper level looks to be great too. So I'm completely happy with what's been shown so far...

Are there pictures floating around of the inside? If so, where are they? I'm curious to see.


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You’ll have to sit tight for those ;-)

They showed concept art pictures at the 'no photos' presentation at winter chillout.

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Hey, as an answer to that question, many of us here have presented examples of sit down dining. It’s there, and park patrons make that one of their choices every day. All one needs to do is go to EPCOT to find a laundry list of lovely, full service restaurants that fill to capacity every night of the year. (Which in my mind qualifies as an amusement park).
At Cedar Point those experiences seem to be left mainly to hotel visitors to enjoy. As they’ve mentioned, visitors like Josh or Kevin who are on multi-day trips have time to spend elsewhere. I used to do more frequent long-term stays and thinking back I would usually find an afternoon or evening to sit down somewhere for drinks and a meal. Even if it was just Fridays. But now if it’s a single-day visit on a busy day I concentrate on attractions and if I need a meal I find the shortest line to go through. Which is why I prefer these newer concepts. Quick, easy, and usually good.

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Just want to say that I usually get tired of all the bickering, arguing, name-calling on many of these topics. But I have found many of the peoples' comments over the last few days on this thread as very interesting and informative. Many different insights, desires, etc... have been offered in a civil, non-judgemental manner. That's all.

Different people do Cedar Point (and Disney and other parks) differently. I am a 1 daily visit (sometimes two) a year person. Day tripper (stayed one night at Breakers for a 2 day coastermania a long time ago and 5-6 nights on a boat in the marina about 40 years ago). Looking for faster options not longer ones in terms of food. North of an hour away from the park and there are countless very nice restaurants along the way (and others short of the distance in other directions). Not looking for fancy or extended time dining when I visit the park.

Been to Disney more times that I would like to count (Disneyland too). Did table service dinners each night on our first visit. Haven't done it since. Stay at deluxe resorts more often than not so cost isn't an issue. Now its 0-1 time per visit. Ultimately its just not worth it to us in terms of time commitment more than anything else.

Different people obviously are looking for different things. There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to visit any parks. But, both Disney and CP (and other parks) have a whole lot more info than any of us do in terms of the numbers of people looking for different types of experiences. They plan/build accordingly. If a give park doesn't offer that which you would want, doesn't necessarily mean the park didn't consider it as an option. Just that they didn't think it was worth the investment (given other investment opportunities). And the analysis will vary greatly in terms of year round parks versus season parks open for less than 1/2 the days in a year. Parks may well get the decision wrong though. It happens. And to the extent possible, changes/adjustments are made.


How many people go to an amusement park for a nice sit down and be served restaurant experience?

Of all things I miss about Busch Gardens Tampa and the way it has gone downhill in the last decade, one of the things I miss most is Crown Colony House.

If I am doing a long 10-12 hour park day, I love a chance to get in a nice air conditioned sit down restaurant and have decent food. CP has it nailed with the newer concepts as far as food quality. But I'd love to have a chance to eat Farmhouse or Backbeatcue in an air conditioned dining reoom.


Are there pictures floating around of the inside? If so, where are they? I'm curious to see.

Sorry, didn't mean to give the wrong impression. The announcement page of their website states: "The bi-level complex will be home to a new restaurant featuring culinary items not found anywhere else in the park (plus traditional favorites), a waterfront bar for relaxation and conversation, indoor and outdoor seating, plus viewing decks with unparalleled views of Cedar Point and the Lake Erie shoreline."

People on here and/or CP Food Blog that went to WCO stated that they were told all windows will open. The concept art images show at least two upper level decks and on closing weekend last year, I stayed at Breakers. What I saw from the Breaker's side of the beach looked like (at the time anyway) the makings of a third deck that would extend slightly towards the beach on the lakeside of the building. I think it's logical to presume that the restaurant will be on the first floor and bar, relaxation, viewing decks, etc. will be on the upper level.

Anyway, when I said what I've seen so far I meant everything that's been announced and shown, including most recently the food. But I have not seen pictures of the inside of building.

^Correct, the bar was upstairs and it was a full 3 sided bar with stools all around it. There was also a patio that branches off from the bar, where you can take your food / drinks to sit outside facing the beach. It looks really awesome in the drawings.

Nice! I know where I'll be spending a lot of time at the park next year.

I suspect that will be a very popular spot.

Well guest be able to go up into the cupola?

Looks like a new building is going up in front of the station of Wild Mouse. Probably that ice cream stand in the renderings.

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That top floor bar you describe sounds like a good place to get about 13-15 drinks in your bloodstream. I'll be hitting that up come May.

If you would provide your legal counsel’s contact information, I can connect them with my team for further clarification. Sit tight fellas ;)

Another thing I'm wondering is will people under 21 be allowed on the second level since the bar is up there? Obviously not allowed to get drinks, but will they be allowed to like eat at the snack bar or go out on the patios? Or will the second level including the viewing decks be a 21 and up only area?

What are the policies at the other bars in the park? I think that will be your answer.

^^ I hope not.

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