The Boardwalk - New for 2023

It has been awhile since I have ridden a mouse coaster but I don't remember them having on-ride pictures. If they do it for this one I would guess they would have to take the picture in a non-spinny part of the ride.

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Yeah, I just figured that because the ride photo process has become almost completely automated, and as such is basically a money printing machine, it would make sense to have them for pretty much any major attraction from here on out.


It’s not unusual at all for a Crazy Mouse to have on-ride photos. I’ve seen it many times, even at the state fair.
Making sure the riders face the camera is a genius call though. Someone should let them know.

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It'd be kind of cool if parks tried branching out their on-ride photos. I think it'd be awesome to have a photo of my group of friends perched at the top of Power Tower just before it drops, with the park below in the background. And on the ride formerly known as TTD, take the picture near the top of the upward side of the tower, pointing straight down. Obviously these require some infrastructure, but just a fun thought.

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Are the remaining openings in the pavilion roof going to be closed up? Maybe they are waiting so they can

drop in the deep fryers and things from a crane?

The openings serve double duty - drop the fryers in through them and then vent the exhaust hoods out through them.

The smell of the delectable chicken tenders wafting through the park will be a sure fire way to draw people to the area.

Was wondering about that myself, the concept art has what I thought was a shadow in that area, but maybe it will be finished open. Mostly hidden from the ground, but there's plenty of places to see it from above nearby. Is the current roofing done, or is there another layer?

Also wondering about the new concrete, They're still doing heavy underground work. How long's it take to get the actual boardwalk in place? It'll probably go quick, but there's a lot of it. Will we be trudging on plywood paths over the mud at Chillout? Probably to early to worry, don't even know if I'll get a ticket yet.

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The boardwalk will not be made of boards.

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^From the same file as "How come we drive on a Parkway and park on a Driveway?"

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Have you seen what they can do with concrete nowadays? I've seen driveways, patios, steps, etc., that I would've bet they were wood. It is amazing. That would be cool feature.

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I wonder if the building in question is a little gift shop. Looks like the exit ramp will spill right into it. And the roof on grand pavilion isn't done. That's just a vapor barrier. Renderings would suggest it'll be a metal roof at end of day.

I think it'd be awesome to have a photo of my group of friends perched at the top of Power Tower just before it drops, with the park below in the background.

Way back circa 2000ish, Conklin Shows bought Moser Rides' drop tower, which I believe at the time was the world's tallest portable drop tower.

They put a photo system on the ride. I don't remember if it was on the whole ride, or just one or two sides. But the way they did it was positively brilliant. The camera was mounted and aimed to take a shot of riders a few feet *below* the top of the ride, snapping the photo just *after* the carriage dropped. Because THAT is the drop ride moment you want to capture!

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(I can't remember if we bought that photo or not, and if so, where it ended up...)

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Construction in the new Boardwalk area is looking good. This has been a quiet and underused part of the park for years even though its so close to the entrance. it would be interesting to see this area turned into a "downtown Cedar Point" that park guests could obviously access and resort guests could also access for free including that new pavilion, wild mouse and a few flat rides.

I thought "Downtown Cedar Point" was on the main midway near the entrance. Or is that all torn down too?

What the hell are you talking about now?
I think the reference is to the old Downtown Disney entertainment area. And as far as Cedar Point goes, having an area in the park like that open to resort guests sounds like a logistics nightmare. Keeping track of who’s who would require a gate of some sort. Also, it doesn’t sound like Cedar Point to give away park access to hotel guests. Quite the opposite in fact.
I know the idea of a resort/entertainment complex was tossed around here as a solution to the empty Cedars plot of land. It would serve resort and marina guests as well as daily visitors to the park. But it would be outside the park gates. And so far nobody’s listening to that interesting idea.

You did not mention anything about Disney in your post so I didn't know that was what you were referring to.

No need to cuss me out.

I wonder if they will experiment with having the new bar/restaurant be available for hotel guests after hours. Could be really nice to have late night entertainment and cocktails in a venue away from the hotel. I think this would add big value to a nights stay at the hotel.

It wasn’t my post, I was just clearing that up for you. And by the way, that’s not what I call a “cussing out”.
So what’s this “downtown Cedar Point” at the front gate of which you speak? And what does “or is that all torn down too? mean, please? Now I’m very curious.

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I know the idea of a resort/entertainment complex was tossed around here as a solution to the empty Cedars plot of land.

Nope, that is the location of the Pickle-Ball courts.


I was speaking about the area where the Centential
Theater was and the other store fronts.

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