Rougarou teaser video

I don't think there is much difference with the layout of the second half of Mantis, compared to the old Batman floorless coaster at Geauga Lake, and I thought that ride was very comfortable. I'm convinced this decision will get this ride correct once and for all. Looking forward to the special effects, fog and lighting...especially during Halloweekends next year.

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This will be interesting to watch. Hopefully those live cams in the off season do some cool stuff :P

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I have a feeling the brakes on the drop will remain, however sit idle. It's a waste to take it out if it may need to go back in the future.

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Thabto said:
There could still be something new. I'm thinking around Blue Streak or Point Pavilion.

I think this is all that we are getting. I'm very happy with it. i know they said there will be a ride directed towards teens and thrill seekers and Rougarou fits the description, even if it is a renovation. Anything else we get after this is icing on the cake but I don't think there will be anything. The park has 3 projects on their hands this offseason and that is plenty.

I agree, I think the BS/point pavilion area will be a project further down the road.

The amount of investment CF is putting into the Point this offseason is massive, Breakers, Rougarou, the new Lakeside Pavilion... I have no idea how anyone can be upset with that list of improvements.

I think with this announcement, We are all very Happy!

Well, I have to say I think this is a fantastic announcement. I'm glad to see they are investing on improving what they have at the park. I look forward to riding this with sit down trains.

As per photos posted to TPR, the Mantis repaint already seems to be well along. Whoa! CP could probably open this before the end of the season, if they wanted to. ha (I guess they're trying to save on winter construction costs?)

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I haven't seen any proof, but if they have in fact started painting Mantis / Rougarou, then it makes complete sense why cedar point would release this announcement today (Thursday). People would definitely notice the new colors tomorrow when the park is open for HalloWeekends.

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Does anyone know if mantis will be open this weekend. I need to get my last ride in. :)

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Yes, it will be open until October 20th, except Friday's.

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Okay I'll be there saturday so it's all good haha

What photos on TPR, link?

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The photos on TPR are the same ones Tony posted on the CP blog earlier this afternoon.

I hope they find SOME way to implement sound dampening into the track of Rougarou (at least into the first drop and loop) because it is incredibly obnoxious. I don't see why it can't be done. Bore hole into the track, fill it with sand, then patch it shut. I doubt the structural integrity would be affected.
There is just something majestic about the noise Millennium Force's trains make going over the overbanked turn. Not an obnoxious roar, but a smooth rumble. I guess I am biased to Intamin in general, however, because I feel those rides are much more intense. Oh well.

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Leave the track alone :P

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I expect a complete refurb. Brakes, electrical, lift, trains, station, paint, queue, drop trim removed (please and thank you!)

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I would like to see Mantis/Rougarou made more quiet, but I would think it more important to improve the station for flow and appearance to meet the new theme of the new coaster. I just hope the addition of special effects is well placed and the park actually keeps them functioning for more then a year.

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^I think that worry regarding the SFX is long gone like the Kinzel era..

Lighting has never been better at the CF parks the past few years..

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Red Garter Rob said:
I'm personally waiting for Adam G. (TDD 120MPH) to admit that he was wrong all this time when he said "floorless isn't going to happen."

Ok.....I was wrong. I'll admit I was adamant that it wasn't going to happen. I warmed up to the idea, imagining that Rougarou was going to be utilized. But I, ultimately, shot myself in the foot saying what I said.

I guess I'll take the time to also admit that I talk out of my arse most of the time. So, much like my Dragster "knowledge", I'll just keep my opinions and ideas to it's most likely wrong and just makes me look like an fool. :P

Dragster's biggest fan had to end at some point I suppose. :)

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