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Well on -one hand- it makes sense that the start of the trail would be less Frontier-ish since after all, the Oregon Trail started in cities, not in the middle of nowhere.

You could argue that a Chinese restaurant could be period-correct particularly if you're talking transcontinental railroad, but that's later historically than the time period I think Frontier Trail is supposed to represent. That and it's freaking Panda Express.

Just before you get to the Old Tyme Photo/Red Garter building the pavement turns to blacktop/asphalt. Could this be the start of the Frontier Trail? Most of the trail is asphalt.

So were the railroad tracks right by the now-called "Sweet Toots" actually used before they were removed? Or were they just part of the trail? Does anyone have pictures of them? The station is now used by the Coca-Cola Marketplace.

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Bluestreaker, that's exactly how I determine the frontier trail.

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The station that is now Coca-Cola Marketplace was never used by the railroad as an actual station. The track may have been used as a siding or passing track at one point, I don't remember anymore.

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Would it be ok to have a thread for the Rougaru Files & updates during the off season Jeff/Walt or leave it here? Don't want a bazillion threads like we did with the Mantis teaser stuff awhile back and you guys closing them here/there.

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Just start a thread for "Rougarou Files #1: Painting" or whatever.

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Hope you don't mind that I took the idea and kinda ran with it. I've created a thread for The Rougarou Files as a whole, unless y'all would rather have a new thread for every episode.

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Just do one per installment. 50-page threads are too hard to follow.

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Okay, wasn't sure how long the series would get and thought too many threads would get cluttered. :)

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I think this topic has run its course. Most posts aren't about the teaser video at all anymore.

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Agreed. It's really being used for general Rougarou discussions which is what the subforum is for. Plus, we don't want any more 50-page mega-threads, right, Jeff? :)

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The best way for a thread to die is to stop posting in it. :)

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