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Been there myself many a time...

I must say after re-reading my post I didn't mean to be a smart (you know what) but it sure came out that way. I actually started typing a response to say it is a decent theory before it dawned on me that its a rattlesnake.

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Here is a weird funny question for guys. Just wondering, would Cedar Point be able to save the wheels from Mantis for the Floorless trains on Rougarou? I'm sure they still have plenty of extra wheels for Mantis somewhere in one of their maintenance sheds.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the B&M's all used the same size of wheels, but it doesn't mean they all use the same "tires." Different materials yield different amounts of friction and different performance in different seasons.

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That being said, it's more a matter of whether or not Cedar Point (or Cedar Fair as a whole) can find a use for those wheel sizes and materials in stock from Mantis. Chances are, they can be reused somewhere. It might be on Rougarou, Raptor, or even GateKeeper. Or, it might be one of the remaining stand-ups, the Vortexes (Vortices?) at California's Great America and Carowinds.

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During one of the offseason tours, I believe they talked about how many of the coaster wheels are recycled after being replaced. If that is the case with Mantis, then nothing will likely go to waste either way.

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I now have the tire change scene from Christmas Story stuck in my head.

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No fair guys; you beat me to to it. ;)

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I'm sure I'm going to get Ignored here, but oh well. Judging how the other Floorless coasters are set-up, is it possible we will see an expanded station? I just thought of that knowing how the station is going to be re-done to make this happen anyway.

What do you mean by expanded station, and what would that accomplish?

Well maybe I should have said a more of a theme that goes along with the Rougarou theme? My bad, expanded was the wrong type of word. As Tony said, Renderings are just renderings and things could change. So wouldn't it be neat to see a wooden station design similar to Maverick?

I don't like the idea of a wooden station like Maverick. Wood fits with the frontier town theme in the back of the park, but wouldn't really work or look right on Rougarou IMO. I think they will have the same station, however, to accommodate the drop floor, I believe they're gonna have to renovate the station in a way to make it "less crowded" in the loading chutes. Possibly more room on the load side of the platform.

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Not necessarily, both MF and Mantis are part of the Frontier Trail.

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It could be argued that MF's station is on the Trail, but Mantis' station is most certainly not. Unless I'm wildly mistaken on where the Trail starts at that end.


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I've always thought Frontier Trail to start around the Red Garter. The plaza where MF's station is is where Giant Wheel used to be -- to me it was part of the Million Dollar Midway.

I always considered the trail to start where Panda Express is.

Nothing says the Old West like some Chinese food......


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Actually, considering the proximity to the railroad, it kind of fits.


Good point Brandon....I guess in my haste to make a joke I didn't think it through. I'm sure many railroad and gold boomtowns offered their fair share of Chinese food.


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