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Thabto said:
What do you have against ID's color scheme?

Aside from not being especially dragon-like, ID's colors are too similar to TTD's for being that close together. As others have noted, even the original colors would be an improvement.

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I liked ID's original colors better, definitely. The current colors are not iron-y or dragony. That, and you'd think would learn when it comes to colors that fade too quickly.

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Iron Dragon's current colors remind me of McDonald's.

Did ID's colors end up getting used on Maverick? They look similar the the old pics that I found.

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I suppose the track color was similar ("deep" red or whatever). But the supports are different. ID's were grey, while Maverick's are tan.


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Anybody else think that Rougarou's dark teal supports are close to the same color as Demon Drop's dark teal?

Something else I've noticed is that Gatekeeper's color scheme is very similar to Sky Ride's supports.

Just found it interesting.

I guess it would make sense to have some rides in different parts of the park sharing colors, that way you only have to have a small supply of touch-up paint, if they even stock touch-up paint.

Wait, so is that a darker red than it is now, or are only the support columns different?

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Darker red.


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ID has those colors because they bought bulk paint to paint Thunderhawk in Michigan's Adv. So my theory is that they had some extra paint and used it on ID.

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Intimidator 305, Diamondback, Thunderhawk, Iron Dragon, Spinning Dragons, etc. Seems to be a popular color combination with Cedar Fair...and McDonalds.

When I visited Kings Island this summer I noticed that the supports on Diamondback's lift hill are yellow, but the supports on the brake run are a completely different color. Did they do this intentionally, or did the paint fade severely?

Here are two pictures:

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From what I've seen, Diamondback was indeed initially painted two colors. The yellow supports are currently a mix between yellow and faded yellow whereas others are clearly tan.

Speaking of paint, anyone know why Dominator and a couple other relocations have everything re-painted except for the vertical loop? I've seen it on several and can never figure out why

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I don't know about the other ones, but I believe Dominator's loop is painted differently because it had the tallest loop when it opened so they wanted to kinda pay tribute to that.

In regards to Diamondback, the lift hill and the first hill after that have yellow supports but everywhere else has tan supports. I'm not sure why they did that.

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I always understood Diamondback's colors to imitate the fact that a cobra's head (especially the underbelly) is different in color to the rest of its body.

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That's a good theory except a Diamondback is a rattlesnake, not a Cobra. That being said perhaps it is from the snake having different shades from front to back.

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