Opening Day 2007!

WOOOHOOO, 3HOURS OF SLEEP AND READY TO DO. iPod's got some great tunes for the trip up, see you all very soon. I feel like a giddy little school girl!

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you guys are nuts :p

Bad news. Because of a personal situation that's come up last night, I now won't be able to attend. As I am Mrs Brit's (my sister) ride, that means she has no way of getting there either. I am terribly sorry to one and all. I was really looking forward to meeting a lot of you good people today and having some fun, but now it looks like that won't be happening. Mrs Brit sends her regrets as well; she has a whole cooler full of kebabs ready to go, but no way to get them to the meeting.

I hope everybody has a good time there today. Somebody get a ride on DT for me.


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We left at 6 am (an hour ago) currently just got on the turnpike. Should be there by 8 am. Can't wait!!!


Lucky SOB's. :)

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I wish I could make it up to CP today, I'm excited that its opening day and I won't even be there. At least I'll be able to make to Kings Island. Have fun!

J. Trick also loves Delirium.

Hmm, Raptor, M Force, and Wicked Twister seem to be running uncharachtaristically slow intervals, at least from the funcam, while Mantis and TTD are going ballistic fast...

...Hope you guys are having fun without me... :(

I'll be going with no crowds on Monday :)

I really wish we would have been able to make it, but we've just had so much going on this year, we couldn't even make the early trip to pick up our passes.

In process of planning a Disney wedding in October, dorks we are, and money is going out and out, and not coming back in fast enough.

We will be there Monday morning though to get our passes and our ride on.

I hope you guys are all having a great opening day!

I had a time great seeing everyone!
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Just got back from the park and WOW, was it packed!!!!!

We had a pretty nice turnout at the PB picnic. First of all, thank all of you who showed up and for all the good food you all brought. In case you didn't hear, Walt showed up at 1:00 when I was lighting the grill. He wanted me to tell all that he had other commitments and was sorry that he wouldn't be there to meet everyone. He also wanted me to tell you all he said hi.

Walt, I just want to thank you for dropping by and it was nice to finally meet you.

Ensign, sorry you and your sis couldn't make it. We were all wondering where you were. Hope things are well.

Thanks, John. Yeah, I'm sorry to let people down. Without telling the whole Internet, let's just say it's been one rotten weekend, but I'm hanging in there. I hope everybody who went had an excellent time.

Catch everyone on the flip side, I promise.

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You let no one down Mike. We just hope that all goes well with you.

Yes, we had a very good time and like I said, we all were thinking of you and Mrs.Brit. Maybe another time this year we can meet would be great. Take care.

i rode maverick and you didnt!
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Eric,thanks for the hot dogs and thanks for starting this thread about 100 days ago. I think it went well and we can not say enough about the awsome and excellent cake that MikyBo and his wife brought. And the other special treats that they brought too. Also the signs and everything else that everyone brought was very much appreciated.

We hope to see all of you around throughout the summer and maybe we can plan a closing day party when the time comes near.

Mutedarkness that is awesome haha

It was nice meeting everyone today. Thanx to everyone who brought food! Had a great opening day and I am really burnt! Loving it!

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Like John mentioned, I stopped by a little early. I got a couple of pictures of the setup, but if anyone else got photos from the gathering, e-mail me and I'll put them up in a gallery.

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