Opening Day 2007!

Sorry, Adam. :(

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Since TTD120mph can't make it, Josh M wanna pick up his paper plates?

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Just wanted to drop in and wish you guys a happy opening day 07!

Sadly we won't be making it over the weekend, but we're all set to head down on Monday.

Aww Adam, poor guy. I was looking forward to meeting you.

Ensign and I will be at the DD picnic pavillion at 8:30am tomorrow. I 'think' I'll be wearing a lime green top although I know I'll have to bring a sweatshirt or jacket as it's not going to be that warm. In any event, we'll be heading for Raptor or Millie first but Im not sure in which order. So if you see us come talk to us! See you guys tomorrow. It's gonna be a blast!

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I can bring paper plates, but I'm not sure when I'm gonna have time to drop them off at the Pavilion. I'm planning on getting to the park around 7:45 tomorrow morning, registering at Breakers so I can get my early entry pass, and then getting lined up at the SC gate to get in the park. I don't think they will let me carry paper plates through the park, so I would probably have to go back to my car at lunch time, drive it around to the main lot, bring in the plates, and then move my car back after close?

Any one have any other ideas?

Oh, in case anyone wants to say hi, I will be in a Sandusky Fire Department shirt with the CP skyline on the back. (No, I'm not a fire fighter, I just liked the shirt). On Sunday I will be in a T-Shirt with the MF Test Seat Sign on the back... And if you will be there Monday, I will be in my CP Polo...

Wow... I'm a guy and I have my wardrobe planned... how..nice.

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Ill pick up the paper plates, I'll be at the pavilion around 7am-7:30am

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Hey PunkyPiko, we were just talking about if you and your boyfriend were going tomorrow? Too bad you can't make it.

OK, it doesn't look like chese squares or ice isn't taken yet, so I'll plan on that I guess.......If yall need something else instead let me know.

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Hey everyone,
we started this thread with 100 days to go and now it is only a matter of hours. Unbelievable how fast time flies by. I can remember thinking how this day would never come and now it is already here. Thanks everyone for the great planning and I am looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow I meant last year, and meeting more new faces this year.

I just got done purchasing the hot dogs and I have the cooler all ready, so I am all set.

Looking forward to tomorrow, lets make Opening Day 2007 one to remember!
-Eric (ejh1701)

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Total Count: 25 (is this right? seems low)

EJH1701 (1)
Bringing - Hot Dogs

Bringing - Chili Sauce, a side or two, Charcoal, Fluid and Buns.

Bringing - Pasta Salad & Veggie Dogs

MIKEYBO2004 (7)
Bringing - Cake, Napkins, Plasticware, a couple of signs, two bags of chips (salt&pepper, Original), Tray of Chocolate covered strawberries and pretzals.

Bringing - Chips and snacks

Bringing - 24 Arby's Turnovers available in the morning around 7am (First come first serve), Extra Napkins and Forks if needed (Arby's again lol), Condiment Packets (Ketchup, Mustard)

Bringing - Pretzels and Dip

Bringing - Marinated Kebabs

CLONE1219 (2)
Bringing - Cases of Pop and Water

JOSH M (1)
Bringing - Myself for now, and if anyone has any ideas I can try to bring something else!

Added to my "Bringing" List
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Id like to meet up with everyone at the 2:00 meeting. I'll stop by the pavilion in the morning also. I wont be able to bring anything to share with you all though.
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Guess whaaaatt? ;)


See you all there. BGRooDoG, if you gety this in time, I'll get the plates.
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-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

Good, Im glad your able to make it!

I just want to wish all of you, who are going on opening day, a GREAT DAY AT THE POINT! Wish I could be there with you.

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So let's get this straight...

demon drop pavilion
lots of food
lots of pointbuzzers
lots of shenanigans!!!

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YAY, CANT WAIT. What did you have to do to get to Cedar Point ADAM? Turnovers will be available around 7am! I made them at 8pm so they wont be hot and fresh, but they will still be good. :)

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Yep. I knew it. I cannot sleep.

The alarm is set for 3 hours from now.


Yep, same here! Staying up making mix cds for the car ride up there!

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The Mix CD is made... The car is full of gas...

I am leaving right now for the greatest amusement park in the world!

OPENING DAY here I come!

See you guys in just a few hours!

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I didnt think I'd be going after all that has happened this week, but dispite all that, I'm leaving right now!

Let the Summer of the Point BEGIN!!!

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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