Opening Day 2007!

Well I know its still roughly 100 days away, but anyone got any plans for Opening Day 2007?

Its amazing we were just doing this last year...

I know I'll be there, just requested the day off work last week. For those who were there last year (and those that weren't as well), we should have another meet up for lunch or something.

Any plans?

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Ya I'll be working it on maXair :D

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I'll be there, and I can't wait!! Maverick is first, and then Millennium Force.

I will be there with a belly full of coffee and some of the scrumtulescent treats that will be consumed by Adam and I prior to ERT on Maverick.

A mid-day / lunch metting of the PointBuzz nature would be something I am interested in.
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I forgot, here's our delicious cake from last years opening day party...

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I'll also be there.

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Count me in....I'll be working Wicked Twister :)

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I'll be there.

I'll be there too!! You can come and see me operating Top Thrill Dragster!! ;)

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^I'll be sure to say hi Kristy.:)

And, in addition to what David said, be sure to stop by at the SC gates for some scrumdidillyumtious (sp?) treats and another gift I'll be handing out to PointBuzz members.

And I too am for a mid-day/lunch metting of the PointBuzz nature. The closing day meeting was needs to be improved!

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Sadly I won't be able to make it for opening day, but I'm still hoping to be there on Sunday (and maybe Monday).

So enjoy Maverick and TTD for me Adam. I'll catch up with you another weekend.

Can't wait. I'll be there!

I'm planning on being there with the wife and kids in tow. Can't wait for the endless rides on Woodstock express!

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I will be there as long as my sister dosen't plan her wedding then!

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Adam, it was such a poopy day last year.

It was definitely nice seeing some faces from here though. I hope to see more this year.

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Ride on, MrScott!

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Part of the problem with the closing day meeting was exhaustion (at least for me). I'd already endured 2 rainy days, and though Sunday was looking better, I was ready to be headed home.

I'm not sure I'll make it this May. We're going to TN for the week after Memorial Day and I don't know if I'll be able to convince the wife that a weekend trip for opening would be worthwhile.

Goodbye MrScott


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Loopy said:
Adam, it was such a poopy day last year.

I didnt think the day in general was too bad. Aside from the cold weather, I had a blast!
Sorry to hear you cant make it to OD Mark. Perhaps I'll see ya(and maybe some others) at the season pass center in April. And if not, I'll catch ya later in the season......perhaps on my schools seinor skip day.

I mean what better way to celebrate senior skip day than go to Cedar Point!!:)

And let me just throw out some ideas for where to meet for lunch. How about we reserve some tables at the Red Garter? Or maybe we could all meet at Raptors entrance and get some tables at Midway Market?

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I plan on being there with daughter & son.

Both want 1st rides of the day to be on Maverick, so all of you who really like TTD and MF, would you mind going to those rides first, to allow us 1st dibs on Maverick.

Thank you :)

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^While I really want to get on the first train on Dragster, I'm specially getting up early to get to the gates early so I dont have to wait forever for Maverick.
Sorry PB Reader.....:)

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Haha I loved the comment about senior skip day!! That is what my best friend and I did on ours! we actually did it the smart way...we stayed at school on the regular one and got bonus points for being there that day and we took another day off and went up to the park a day when it was totally dead! was a perfect day!!

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