Opening Day 2007!

Hey ejh, I will bring the chilli again if you bring the dogs. We just have to make sure that we aren't stuck without charcoal and fluid And Tank, if you are reading this, I will bring an extra quart of chilli for you to take home. So Mikeybo, how 'bout a Maverick cake this year. My girlfriend will also make a great diet dessert.

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Quick question:

So they wouldnt really care if I bring the cupcakes at the gates before the park opens?

I hope Tony is there again this year, I'll offer him a cupcake.:)

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I'm planning on going the Monday after opening. I always try to go at least one or two weekdays the first week they're open. But if a critical mass of P'Buzzers are going on Opening Day, I would definitely try to go.

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It is nice to have the Facebook group set up so we can hopefully spot some familliar PB faces.

Adam I am down for some cupcakes. I was thinking of bringing some hot chocolate but it would be quite cold after a 2.5 hour drive. Still trying to figure out what to bring any suggestions?

Also the Midway Market is a great idea for a midday gathering.

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Well there's the Starbucks on 250, you could get the hot chocolate there......they make good hot chocolate. They also make it really hot so they'll still be plenty hot by the time you reach the park. And I think they open at 6 so it'll be open by the time you get in that area......that is depending on what time you plan on getting to the park.

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-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

Bummer that I won't make opening day, but I know for a fact I'll be going the Monday before Memorial Day for a Physics trip with school. And while it's physics related, once we have our work done it's a free day at the park.

Have fun opening day all (100 some days away now?)! Get a few laps on Maverick for me, keep her warm for my trip!


^^ Yeah that is a thought Adam I will have to get a head count closer to O-day to make sure I get enough.

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You can actually make mine a tall carmel apple cider.....those are amazing!:)

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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I'm in the process of organizing the troops for an opening weekend stay, but few of them share my enthusiasm and tendency to plan ahead. :)


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Who be these "troops"?:)

And I know what ya mean about others that dont share the same "enthusiasm and tendency to plan ahead" that you do.
Though I have my ways of persuasion.;)

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

I'm there opening day! Can't wait. How many days left?

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58 I believe. Oh, you're talking about CP, sorry I got my websites mixed up.

See ya at KD on March 31st!

It'll at least curb my anxiousness a bit for May 12th.

100 days.

eat. sleep. ride! - Coaster apparel and accessories!

Ride on, MrScott!

I'll be there on Tuesday May 15th and hopefully the rest of the world is at work that day :)

Can't wait for Maverick.

Ah CoasterKing, I was hoping you would see this thread. Yeah, I am definately up for bringing the hot dogs again. Your special sauce was awesome along with mikeybo's cake.

And I agree with you, we won't end up in a similiar situation like we had last year without a grill since we know who, when they say they are going to come and bring something, are really going to show up such as you, myself, mikeybo, and tank.

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Hey ejh, I'm glad you started this thread and I hope we can get more people to meet somewhere. I think the shelter thing and bringing something is better than meeting somewhere in the park . This way everyone there will be there and involved for one reason, to meet other PB'ers. But, I will do whatever everybody else wants. I thought last year went well even though there were only a few of us. At least we got to meet you and others that we probably never would've if it weren't for that gathering. Well, we have 100 days to go to find a charcoal and fluid supplier. lol

Getting people to meet opening day is a good idea. Where? When?

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We will be going. I'd prefer to do Midway Market but will go along with what the Buzzers say. I'm looking forward to putting faces with names. Does Walt or Jeff take part?

randi <><
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UGH....Midway Market is a waste of time, space, continuum and money.

Of course, I still need to determine if I'm going opening day or not.

Goodbye MrScott


I'll try my damndest to be there this year on Opening Day. Last year, I had my itinerary planned down to the hour, but Jason Krzyzewski (alum '95, '96) who was supposed to join me had a death in the family the previous night and then my Grandfather was admitted into the ER with a stroke "that" morning, needless to say we had to cancel.

So may the Gods of Fate be much kinder to us this May 12th as I would definitely like to be in attendance!!

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^^ I know the food isn't very good (at least it has fresh ice tea, only place in the park), but the wide open space means we could all gather together easier. But hey I'm the newbie here so what ya'll say goes. Come on Ensign & Jugga... you know you want to go!

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