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The 2022 park maps show the parade route as a loop returning to the step-off point, although the show stops aren't indicated.

With the parade happening at 7:00PM and the spectacular happening at 9:30PM it does seem unlikely that the floats will be part of the finale this year. I'm guessing the logistics of moving the floats in and out of Celebration Plaza were enough to make them reconsider. This also means they don't have to wait until most guests have cleared the park to move the floats back to the parade tent, presumably making the work shifts for the techs a little shorter.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

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So Tony just teased the newest webcam location, which is facing Skyhawk with Snake River Falls in the background.

Cool view... but I hope it isn't a harbinger of things to come. Those are 2 of my top 3 non-coaster rides!

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If you hadn't noticed, there is some construction due south of this location near the beach...

Heard it from a friend.

Sometimes a webcam location is just a cigar. Er, a webcam location.

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Well, due south and along the shore would be smack in the middle of Millennium's overbanked turn. I'm not familiar with any construction there. Also the elevation from the top of the old Frontier Lift building would not be sufficient for the webcam to get a good look at the WT/Aquatic Stadium site... if that is what you are referring to.

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Story time; notice that thin strip of grass on the right side of the picture, next to the fencing that the Ride Ops tell kids to get off of? About 10 years ago Mrs. jimmyburke was on SkyHawk and had her shiny new phone secured in her upper "unmentionable" area, or so she thought. At some point it came out. After the ride completed we did a quick scan of the area and found it protruding halfway submerged in that nice soft grass. A few feet either way it would have been smashed to smithereens or even worse struck someone below. From that time onward it was put in the bin.

Here's a pic of the new webcam:

cam3 is not up on CP's page but it is up on pixelcaster.

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Seems like an odd view, you can see very little of Maverick and nothing else. Waste of time and money, if you ask me.

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No one did. :-)

The camera is live on the site. I'll be curious to see the various views from this position.


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Now they just need to remove some of those pesky trees that are obstructing the view.

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They found the only spot in the park where tress could obstruct the camera?

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Yes, they chose that particular location specifically because the trees obscure the view, and specifically to annoy easily-triggered enthusiasts, but only after months of careful planning, including thousands of man hours spent in meetings, and millions of dollars spent on outside consultants.


They figured that since the other two cameras cover the front and middle of the park, the only area left to cover was the back, and they chose one of the highest points of view in the area to give the best view given the circumstances (knowing that no matter where they placed the camera, someone would whine about it).

The spot they chose is fine, it provides unique and up close views of Maverick, SV, Skyhawk, CCMR, Farmhouse, etc. And the view will be even more interesting come HalloWeekends.

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Not only is camera #2 in the middle of the park, it is presently pointed straight down the middle of Power Tower offering an awesome view. As I viewed it, it reminded me of how much more ridership the Green drop side garners as opposed to the Red launch side. It looks like a 20 minute wait for green and a walk-on for red. And as I look down I just realized that the red side has slightly more queue space available, so they can hold meetings to discuss switching launch/drop sides off season.

Nearly every single rider engages in the kicking of the legs while waiting, I know I do as well.

I’m pretty positive a large factor of the green/blue side of Power Tower having a longer line is because the ride cycle is significantly longer than the red side. Shot side is better than drop side anyway ;)

I have to disagree with that. While standing in line I’ve compared the cycle times and to my surprise the red and green side are usually neck and neck. Green has a slower climb but Red sits at the low, starting point for about as long. And they both go bouncy bouncy about the same.
I will agree, however, that Red is the better ride.

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I think more people just get a thrill out of the drop experience versus the launch. Even though as a drop-tower it pales in comparison (thrill-wise) to actual pure free-fall drops (Drop Tower at Kings Island or our own Demon Drop), people think it's better.

From my own experience working with people from the "fear" end of things, there is not a ride in the park that induces more panic than the drop side of Power Tower, and that includes all the coasters, operating and non-operating (Dragster).

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The drop side is one of the three things in the park I won't ride due to my fear of heights (along with the Giant Wheel and Windseeker).

Yeah, you’re probably right about ride time. I think PT is a great ride and always prefer to ride it in hopes I face west so I can see how long Dragster’s line is.

I've heard It's been pretty short this year.

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