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I really am liking the way this is looking. This is going to be a much needed improvement to CP. Show off that beautiful lake! One I am going to miss since I am now living in Denver and will no longer have a season pass like I have for the past 15 years!

I do kind of think Giant Wheel looks awkwardly placed now. Right in front of the main entrance to the pavilion. Seems like you'd want the entrance open directly into a larger opened area there but I guess you work with what you have.

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I kind of like it actually. A large open area in front of a restaurant is just wasted space IMO. And as you exit the building you're looking right at an iconic theme park attraction. This is taking shape quickly, but I'm guessing that they're trying to get most of the exterior framed so they can keep it somewhat warm and work on the inside during the cold winder months.

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Also, I think you may be underestimating the amount of space over there between GP and GW.


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Looks like it snowed/is snowing at CP. I definitely would not want to be out there building wild mouse today!

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I'd happily take a snowy day outside before a 0-degree day with the wind whipping off the lake.

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Question about winter access in the area of the park:

Are areas like perimeter road and the rear Hotel Breakers parking lot publicly accessable during the offseason? My 6 year old has never been to CP but has watched a ton of YT videos and is currently obsessed. I'd love to take a mini road trip to drive him around any publicly accessable areas one of these weekends, just so he can see with his own eyes all of the coasters hes been drawing and building out of cardboard lately. Not looking to take construction photos or even get out of the car. Thanks in advance!

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I’m going with no. The park is buckled down heavily and unless you have official business there you won’t make it past the toll booth.

Take him to Winter Chill-Out.

Your best bet is taking him to the Winter Chillout, as mentioned above, or just waiting until the next season starts

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Bay Harbor is open in off season so there’s that. I’ve often driven in on the chausee and out the causeway in winter with no problem, but, you’re not going to get closer to the park than the back of the parking lot.

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Another option, though not super satisfying, is to go to Battery Park in Sandusky. You can get a view across the bay to the park without feeling you are being chased off by park security. Still, Google Image the view before making the trip. I am not sure it worth driving across Sandusky for, much less "road tripping." But to encourage the magic of the world for a six year old, it may be worth it to you.

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Webcams appear down.

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Cams are still down today. Trying to hide something Tony? lol

All three cameras are back up now.

As fun as it is to speculate that the live cams being offline was part of some elaborate PR scheme by the park, it should be noted that there was a storm with 30+mph wind gusts going through around the time that they went down. So the reason for the outage is likely much more mundane than some would like to think.

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Big Wheel gondolas being installed.

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Was thinking about the interesting view webcam 2 would have if they pointed it straight down, and noticed a big white crane behind Steel Vengeance. Is that new, or have I been too focused on the boardwalk cam?

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That's been there for a while, presumably maintenance. Oddly, it's been at that hill for at least a week or so.


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