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It's possible they were up there fixing the webcams. I'm not seeing any of the artifacts, oversaturation, or green screen that was going on before. Still a bit blurry, but that might just be the weather.

I’d call it Power Tower maintenance and inspection. Somebody has to change the lightbulb on top, right?

Hope tower maintenance is nothing like lagoon maintenance, how would they get coffer dams and caisson drills up there?

The last drone video of the TTD update had a really nice view of the beach and what looks like a new bathroom building next to the pavilion. Nearly complete exterior on that video. I think a good thing there, central to folks getting in line for gatekeeper, or hanging in the games area and avoiding the pavilion as a potty stop. As a 60+ person these things are getting more important lol.

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I'm 34 and these things are becoming more and more important myself

Interesting view on Camera 1 right now. Looking straight down at ID's pretzel loop, with a nearly empty lagoon full of footprints. I think they are just mocking us now.😂

Looks like closeups of Millennium Force and Gatekeeper testing right now.

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The Scrambler area is now grass and landscaping.

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Charm: +1

Promoter of fog.

^^ I remember when they did this years ago when they removed the Trabant flat ride. Yeah, it looks nice but.... one less spot to use the john. Will have to trek over back over by the Arcade when you get off the far Sky ride station.

The bathroom is below the camera's view. Judging by the curve of the flowerbed, I'd guess it's still accessible. I'd bet the matterhorn plot got or will get the same treatment. That little grey building looks like one of the pop up merch stands with the light up toys. I agree with Kevin, looks better than a big wood fence. Pretty sure it'll be like that for a while though.

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It's a bit foggy this morning.

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3rd cam has a nice view of a roof.

The roof view is crystal clear, so I'm not sure it's fog on the other two cameras. I wonder if they got some rain on them from yesterday.

And yeah, that roof view is...weird. Not much happening there.

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Evac Cam 1 has a nice view of the parking lot now that it is not on the shiny new objects.

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I'm intrigued by the roof cam. There seems to be a discolored shingle center screen.
Wonder what it means in relation to the Dragster upgrade? I'm sure it's a clue...

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Or maybe their busy with the opening week chaos and no one has had a second to go give it a nudge? Just a thought.

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Wait! Maybe it's a hint! Will the new dragster be getting a shed?

What's in the dragster 2.0 shed?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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Or maybe their busy with the opening week chaos and no one has had a second to go give it a nudge? Just a thought.

That's impossible. This is the internet

MF’s first drop through that fog this morning was really something.

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