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Glad it was saved, loved that ride, too short but still fun!!! So cool to see it still running.

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do the sirens sound at the park too?

We were in BackBeatQue and only heard the park wide notification when the tornado warning was issued. No sirens to my knowledge.

One interesting thing was that the staff in BackBeatQue didn’t seem to know how to handle the storm at first. Initially, they kept telling people they couldn’t go into the closed side of BackBeatQue (because it’s closed for the night), but after more and more people came in they gave up that idea. That seemed like some “by the book” rule someone was following, ignoring that people are attempting to take shelter.

I also thought it was interesting (policy wise) that the staff didn’t treat the tornado warning as anything special. They just kept on serving food, and there were people still sitting (locked) out on the patio. Maybe things would be different if it were clear there was a greater risk for the park.

What is up the web cams recently? Some seem to skip a few seconds then go back a few seconds. And the color seems washed out on all of them. I remember last year the color and sharpness was brilliant.

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We've had the same 3 views for some time too with one of them not really showing much of anything.

Wonder why they were ok with showing off most of the pavilion & wild mouse construction, but don't seem to want any work on dragster visible on the cams. Think there's any chance that'll change now that they're starting to focus advertising more on the next big thing?

Pavilion and wild mouse had been announced when they were showing construction, right? At this point TTD2.0 hasn't been announced.

I was at the park on Saturday. Walked past TTD for the first time since last year. I was curious to see in person what I had already seen in pics online. But everyone else (including my wife who was with me) were walking past the area as if nothing existed on the other side of the fence.

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It would make sense in July to sell the thing that's open, not the thing that you can't ride until next year.

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Present view of Power Tower camera #2 pointing straight down is pretty neat. Today at about 11:00am I'll be down there in line, just look for the sun glare off my bald dome when I take off my Chief Wahoo cap.

This view has a time lapse showing cranes working

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There are some new webcam angles...

The new web angles are awful! Camera 2 is OK, it shows TT2, but Camera 1 just shows the docks and Camera 3 shows a blurry mess of cobwebs and some coasters in the background. Bleh!

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Summon the drones! The rumors are confirmed! The next major un-announced major project is right there on Camera #3. Demolition of the neglected Town Hall Museum soon to begin as they will relocate that ground-breaking coaster Woodstock Express to that site. They have already placed the engine there.

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That's actually the engine from the kiddie train up in Planet Snoopy.

Seems like a long-ways away to store it for the winter. The mystery grows.

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Every New Year’s Eve as I go to sleep after midnight I pull up the webcams and watch the silent park and distant flashing red lights. Gives a sense of peace and calm for the new year.

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Top Thrill 2 is front and center of cam 2.

Wonder if we'll get to see more test runs as it warms up?

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When I click on the #2 camera I get a view that alternates between live/green screen. Anyone else get that?

Shades, I do too, grrr 😡 Hopefully CP will get it fixed. 🤞🏻

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Looks nice all lit up too. Wonder how much of that is final vs construction lighting. Will be interesting to see what they do with the light effects, launch lights, station lights, etc.

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Holy geez its foggy. I just checked to see if the flooding at the Point was as bad as it is here, and the cameras aren't showing anything but misty grey. Can't see a thing.

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