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Was thinking about the interesting view webcam 2 would have if they pointed it straight down, and noticed a big white crane behind Steel Vengeance.

That is not a crane. It is one of the towers for Slingshot.

That'd be impressive if they moved slingshot to the other side of SV, repainted it white, then put it back to normal just now.

Just being patronizing, the crane I was referring to is either gone, or currently down. I should have gotten a screenshot. If Brandon saw it a week before I did I must have just caught the tail end of whatever it was doing.

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A crane at SV and a crane in TTD infield.

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The crane in question is back in action at SV:


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looks like booth cranes are back.
I wonder if the SV has something to do with the haunt in the infeild?

argues just for clicks

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Doubtful. The crane has been methodically working its way around the SV structure, and spent at least a few days in the vicinity of the second hill and MCBR, neither of which are near the haunt.


Camera 1 now has been moved to show Raptor with Valravn in foreground and Blue Streak/Gatekeeper/parking lot in background. Wonder if they will start testing Wild Mouse. Wouldn't be surprised if camera would not show initial runs.

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Mar 4

Apr 3

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Looks like they're not done having fun with the cameras today, nice view of valravn testing right now.

Argh! Camera 1 and camera 2 are both out of focus all of a sudden.

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Anyone able to identify what these small structures in Valravn's infield are? They look familiar, but I can't place them.


I believe those are the frontier fest vendor buildings.

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Frontier Festival?

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Multi-use, maybe, with Frontiertown Halloweekend displays as well.

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I guess I never realized how many of these there are.


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One used as Ken's information outpost when they shuttered the Museum. Poor fellow used to have the nice air-conditioned building.

Looks like they got the focus fixed on both the power tower cams now. Wonder if any of that was intentional. I've seen Raptor, Gatekeeper, and Valravn testing today.

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Webcam 1 is back on the Boardwalk again. Wild Mouse is testing at the moment.

Nice! Surprised they're testing in these windy conditions. Looks like Zaggy got stuck past the top outer turns. I see Mazey and the cheese car have possibly been added? Nice to see Point Pavilion and Matterhorn are completely done along with about 90% of the cement work. Atomic Scrambler appears to be in the process of reconstruction also. Did they repaint the floor of Calypso? Seems as there is alot of work yet to be done there with 3 weeks left. Thanks for the heads up.

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