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Purposely blurred so as to make it difficult to make out the I.D. markings on oversea shipping containers.

Looks like they are having a heck of an earthquake in Sandusky right now. Valravn is violently shaking, at least on the super zoomed in view of its mid-course brake.

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Wish today's views were more useful, can't tell a thing about how busy the park is or isn't.

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I'm sure that's no accident.


I would imagine that this will be the most crowded weekend of the fall due to the beautiful weather that is forecasted.

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I knew Saturday would be packed for sure and maybe Friday would be a bit less so. We went Thursday and my son and his girlfriend from out of state went again Friday. It was a good thing we made it Thursday because Friday ended up being a shopping and arcade sort of day.

Looking at, at 8:05 it showed a wait of 235 minutes for Steel Vengence. If you get in line at 8:05 it is literally the last thing you would do tonight. My experience with queue-times has been pretty accurate, but that seems unlikely.

But, that is why we have not gone to a Saturday Halloweekend day in 7 years.

Went last night (Friday), in 6 hours we made 4 rides, dinner, and a Midnight Syndicate show. It was very crowded.

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We can probably just refer to halloweekends Saturdays as GP days. Because no one here seems to go.

First ride; Magnum 1994

We went on Sunday....great weather, crowds were not terrible. We have been CP people for years (20 year passholders) but I'm not nearly brave enough to tackle a Halloweekend Saturday with such nice weather.

Stayed home and did some chores so I didnt feel guilty about being at CP on Sunday! LoL

I was there Sunday as well. An absolutely beautiful day to be there. The place wasn't empty by any means but definitely not as bad as I feared given the wonderful weather. Very glad I went. Some of the employees I talked to about Saturday said they heard the park had 55K.. yeah no way I'd brave that either!

Now that there's no guests to get in the way, they've started removing the fence around the boardwalk area. People hard at work putting up roofing on the pavilion. Wonder if there's anything going on in the other direction.

It looks like they may be unloading Wild Mouse parts on site now. Could start going up pretty quickly

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I just now took a look at the camera view. Cam #1 is showing an excellent close-up view of the main parking lot. This is the view I need so I can see how crowded it is today and choose whether to go there. It is not crowded whatsoever! Just a fake evergreen tree at the far reaches of the lot and a mini Power Tower structure as well.

The wild mouse had a lot of progress on the base structure. Looked like it was all laid out, maybe even complete. Crane on site, and a truck with what looked like yellow support pieces, and people there working on it.

Then they moved the cam to a downtown Sandusky closeup. Cam 2's not on dragster anymore either.

Kind of a bummer! Was a fun distraction from the things I should actually be doing

Having fun with it today... Hey, look, where did Scrambler go?

Not sure if anyone already mentioned it but the Google satellite and road views have been updated. Looks like the images are from September. Some of the satellite views are strange such as Windseeker.

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I guess not for me, since I still see SV under construction.


If you use download the Google Earth app its updated but if you just use google maps on the web browser its not updated yet.

I go into Google maps using the web browser on my android. Maybe the map update is not all at once and depends the device being used. It shows some of the TTD track removed, Pavillion foundation built, and guests in Shores. New parking entrance and new RV site on there too. I snapped a pic but I have no idea how to put it on here.

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