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yeah, Ohio state day today. Looks like the weather's clearing up. Was surprised to see coasters running earlier, still pretty windy.

I noticed that too and was curious. Gatekeeper was running with people walking around. My first thought was an event for passholders, but I never saw or heard anything about that. Weather isn't the greatest, that's for sure.

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It's actually an event regardless of passholder status. Your pass doesn't gain you entry and isn't necessary to enter.

Anyone can go, you just have to pay admission.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

website has been down for 3 days, at least when I try to pull it up on my computer and phone. Guess they're doing site maintenance?

MF as a human eager to talk about my home park!

It's working on my end!

Working here too, hurts to see them closed on such a nice day.

If you view park hours it looks like they are still testing.

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I will say that Camera #1 is presently in a view that I have enjoyed over several years. It gives a nice view of the parking lot enabling me to gain a general idea of the crowd.

I haven't been there as of yet this year. If someone has, is the parking area near Blue Streak now the bus parking area? It appears on the camera that it may be. How about the Gatekeeper area, is it up-charge parking or employee only area?

yeah, they've got buses there now, kinda annoying if you're parked on the west side of the lot. Haven't been over to the gatekeeper area yet.

Edit: yep, it's preferred parking now.

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Just checked the webcam and there's rain moving through. The parking lot is really emptying out! Kind of surprising since the rain is supposed to stop pretty soon, but I guess people didn't want to stay.

So today Webcam 1 decided to focus very specifically on the twirly ride over by the Pagoda. I mean it's a tight close-up on JUST that ride. Maybe the webcam operator knows one of the people manning the ride...

The twirly ride is known all over the world as the Scrambler. It’s hard to find a park or a traveling show that doesn’t have one. It’s one of Cedar Point’s oldest flats.

Maybe it was it's birthday.

RCMAC said:

The twirly ride is known all over the world as the Scrambler. It’s hard to find a park or a traveling show that doesn’t have one. It’s one of Cedar Point’s oldest flats.

Maybe it was it's birthday.

Thank you! :-) I knew it probably had a name but didn't have the information at hand.

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Wonder how many lunches have been lost on that thing over the years.

I don't know if this has been moved from it's original location or not, but there used to be a hose on site for that ride, and one for the Monster as well


I think Scrambler was originally at the intersection of the main Funway and the midway going to Blue Streak. Burger Patio eventually went in there and Scrambler was moved to it’s current location.

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RCMAC, I can't be 100% sure, but I think Dutchman was trying to indicate that there was a full service water hose available at Scrambler & Monster for "clean-ups".

Scrambler has always been in the same location. Tiki Twirl (used to be named Calypso) used to be on the corner going towards the Blue Streak next to where Chickie and Pete's is now.

Incorrect, you must be a young one, LOL. RCMAC is actually correct in that location also, he's been visiting CP since 1962. The Scrambler has been in 3 different locations at CP dating back to 1960, one of which RCMAC mentioned. The spot Scrambler is currently in (it hasn't always been there) has been held by other attractions in the past including the Hofbrau funhouse, Tilt a Whirl and Flying coaster. The Calypso you are speaking of wasn't in that location until 1970, 10 years after Scrambler debuted.

They've got the parade route taped off now, pretty visible on the east cam. Looks like it turns back on itself near pagoda instead of continuing on to the stage. Does this mean the floats won't be integrated into the show this year? With the cuts to the other shows, wondering if I need to lower my expectations yet again.

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