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reliable consistent sunshine + low winds?

Hahahahahahahah. Never.

July and early August are busy for a reason. Reliable? No.

I’ve had consistent luck with mid-late June. Go during the week when they have 10:00 closings. Best time of the year to visit weather and crowd-wise. Of course any day of the season can be a complete bust when it comes to weather. Just a chance you have to take.

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I am learning my lesson to not go to CP on days with consistently high winds. Cold is fine, a passing shower I can put up with. But I am truly seeing how much of the rides shut down in high winds. It feels unliively as I look upon the park seeing none of the coasters in my view run besides Wicked Twister.

I feel sorry if today was a person's only chance to visit this year.

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Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

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I had planned to go this evening depending on the likelihood of rain but thankfully I saw the posts on facebook about the wind and flooding when I went to check the radar.

In Ohio we get our most beautiful spring weather in the fall. I recommend “Michigan Week”, or the last week before Labor Day. Crowds are ok, and the weather is usually great.

I feel sorry for today’s visitors too, but maybe they’re not as upset as we think. I go to a ballgame maybe once or twice a season, but if it’s a rainout I’m ok with it. Maybe I’ll come back, maybe not. Last Monday the weather sucked and then SV was down. While I was back there I saw probably 50 people get turned away. There was no crying, no disagreements, and everyone was fairly accepting of their fate.
In other words it’s another example of how the GP approaches their visit(s) to the park differently than the way we hobbyists do.

Others to feel sorry for are the folks who spent money on a multi day stay at a resort and the physics teachers who have built lessons, projects, and exams around ride experiences that their students never got to experience.

Visionist said:

This is why I doubt I'll ever visit the park in May for my first time. The crowds may be thinner but the clouds aren't. When's the best month for reliable consistent sunshine + low winds? It'd be nice to ride everything over a few days without heartbreak.

This is my second time in my life that I haven't visited Cedar Point in May. The first time was because I was graduating high school and now this time I'm going to be graduating college. I'm so proud of myself.

Congratulations. I’d say it’s worth missing a visit or two.

They seem to rotate which cams to show in their webcam page. Any way to see the other cams they have available?

I found the direct links are:

^ Pretty sure it's the same 3 cams, they just rotate / zoom them.

Yes,they're the same as on the website.

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^^^ Thanks; it seemed like different cameras at some points, but sounds like it's just those 3. Now, if they could just let us take control and zoom around as we pleased; that could be entertaining!

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$5 for 3 minutes plus processing fee.

Twitch controls CP webcam. That'd be successful.

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Cargo Shorts said:

$5 for 3 minutes plus processing fee.

$15 for FastCam

$25 if you want to see SV, TTD or Maverick

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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$99 All-Season FunCam
$159 FunCam+ (includes off season)

Geez guys, how much is the Platinum FunCam so I can control webcams at all the parks?

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If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Just 9 easy payments of $39.99. If you purchase within the next 30 minutes you'll receive not one, not two, but three free Woodstock plush!

"Pretty sure it's the same 3 cams, they just rotate / zoom them."

Cam 1 and Cam 2 have been stuck on some pretty uninspiring views the past couple days. Cam 1 is showing the top of one of the Wicked twister spikes and Cam 2 is on the splash pad on the midway. Yipee, I like more variety like switching the views every day.

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^Staffing levels at CP have hit nightmarish levels! They have been unable to recruit a qualified Web Cam Operator. They are too busy hiring employees for the Refresh Stations to all open, next up is the Gourmet Cotton Candy stand. Yippee

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