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Crowds seem to be increasing in the 2nd half of the summer for sure. Good to see!

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I’m glad they’re getting some great attendance. I just hope they haven’t cut back staffing already in response to the poor numbers and leave guests with bad impressions.

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Haven't noticed any decrease is staffing or anything like that yet. Park was slammed yesterday and food and drink lines were fairly short and moved quickly. Even Rougarou was showing a 40 minute wait. The attendance appeared solid for a Sunday today.

Now I'm very curious how the park handles staffing once the international students leave in a couple weeks. Hopefully they learned and developed a plan after last year's staffing shortages.

We have all discussed why attendance is off this year and last year's fall staffing issues clearly led to some pretty poor guest experiences. Let's hope there isn't a repeat this year .

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Some things just don’t change. Back in ancient times of the 70s, 3rd Saturday in August was always the busiest day of the season. I’m sure Halloweekends has changed the absolute busiest day, but, I’m not surprised if regular season trends continue. It would be real interesting to see the attendance numbers these days. Back then, numbers maxed out in the 65000 region.

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That’s true. And I think what naturally happens is the end of the summer is “last blast” vacation time. And people say “oh crap, school starts in two weeks, we have tickets somewhere that we bought in the spring, and we’ve put it off long enough.” and they all show up at once.

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Back in ancient times, schools typically didn't start until after Labor Day. Now, schools start so early (except for Michigan) its taking a bite out of the August vacations. I know where I went to school in Mississippi, schools started last week. That is crazy. If your kids play summer sports that don't end until mid July and school starts the 2nd or 3rd week of August, that doesn't leave a lot of time for vacations.

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I'll be at the park tomorrow, and as I was looking at lodging for tonight, I saw that Breakers & Lighthouse Point are both completely booked. I did get a room at Express, but I'm scared about the crowds tomorrow, even on a Thursday. Might be a Schooners & Lazy River kind of day. :)

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I think with schools starting earlier, the busiest time may have shifted to the beginning of August now, like the crowds have shown recently. Just my observation only, but I think around the third week, crowds start to thin. Then you have Halloweekend crowds.

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Very true RCMAC. I have two tickets bought on the Presidents’ Day sale were slotted for guests but haven’t used them yet. One friend we were planning on taking already had a promotional ticket when we went a few weeks ago. Time just slips away. The boys start school next Wednesday and I have them scrambling to call friends and see who can go. Sorry Dvo, I thinks we will be there tomorrow.

Something I am not trilled about is some friends have tickets that expire Sunday 9/2 and want us to go with them. I read the thread on Labor Day Weekend 2016, ugg. Will bring beach towels and umbrellas for plan B. And a cooler if the park runs out of food.

With Ohio schools starting earlier - I could see the "3rd Saturday in August" rule switch over to the last Saturday in July/first Saturday in August.

And as much as I love Halloween and Halloweekends - it still floors me that more people go during a crappy day in October than a beautiful day in the summer.

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The busiest HW Saturdays are almost always beautiful weather-wise. And I don't recall a crappy weather HW day that was busier than a nice day in the peak of the non-HW season.


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I think alot of the HW crowd goes for haunts and may not enter the park until later the day, so for those crowds, weather probably has less of an impact.

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It seems that in the last few years September and early October weather was nicer than June weather.

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None of the webcams are showing parking lots today. It doesn’t really look that busy but I am not great on judging crowds by looking at the midways. Been there some days where the midways were just packed with people but the coaster lines were relatively short.

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It’s very busy today. Yesterday was busy too, especially considering the forecast and off and on sprinkles with thunderstorms threatening.

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DSShives said:

Back in ancient times, schools typically didn't start until after Labor Day.

Here in Mahoning County, the public schools still start after Labor Day. If it wasn't for the Canfield Fair, that would probably change.

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I can't speak for Saturdays but Fridays on HalloWeekends last year, weather did make more of an impact on the few days it wasn't in the 70 into the 60s. No one was there on the cool rainy day. The Fridays were definitely the most busy weekend of and after Columbus Day (and to my knowledge one of them was the most packed Saturday too).

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Camping at the KOA. Monday the park was super crowded and temps were crazy hot. My daughter and I did our standard Raptor ride, train and then old faithful Magnum walk-on. Grabbed some Toft's ice cream and headed to Thirsty Pony. Going to hit early entry tomorrow. Halloweekends has changed the game. My kids and I prefer the sweatshirt and shorts, football weather, autumn leaves, overcast scare in the air. I can see why it is the time that the park has cars parking in the grass.

Time to hijack the thread... HotSauceJunky How do you like that KOA? We stayed there Columbus Day weekend 2015 immediately after buying our camper in Youngstown... Loved the campground but the train was terrible and it has been a dealbreaker ever since. We were right near the road, so the tracks were pretty close. Are you towards the back of the park, away from the train? Is it still super loud back there? Thanks!


I thought this thread was about the Live Web Cams?

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