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Live web cams at the KOA? (shudders for a few moments, shakes head to try and remove images in head)

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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The Weather Channel just featured webcam 1 aimed at Valravn for their "destination forecast" of Cedar Point showing the weather for the upcoming week at the park. Just about 3 minutes ago...they cropped out the bugs. Good call on their part.

A little off-season fun. My little nephew was sitting with me by the computer when I went to check the web cams this afternoon. As I brought up Camera 2 (Midway/Fountain) he said "Hey, why is SpongeBob there?" After I finished laughing, I assured him it wasn't SpongeBob, but I'm not sure what those yellow covered objects are. I thought trash cans at first, but then I thought they collected all those at the end of the season.

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Now that they have the solar-powered compacting cans, I'm guessing they don't remove them from the midways at the end of the season.

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Ah . . . that makes sense. I forgot all about those cans!

I wanted to check out how frigid the park looked today....and it definitely looked chilly. I like the WebCam pointed directly at the frozen custard stand. Nicely done...that sounds delicious today!

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Brrrrrr... I'm getting frostbite just looking at all the ice on the lake. >.<

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Cold days like today make it hard to imagine the warm sunny days.

^^^^Hard to imagine warm sunny days? Don't forget, it's OHIO. We are forecasted for 40' on Sat and 50' on Sunday (in North-West Ohio)

Of course --if it's sunny on Sat, that furry, fuzzy groundhog will see his shadow and call for 6 MORE weeks of winter.

If thats the case.......

Who's up for Groundhog Hunting??

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Random thing, but Web Cams 1 and 3 on Power Tower are shaking uncontrollably due to the wind. It's kind of amusing to see.

The second new building on the island is pretty visible in the morning light on cam 3. I for one am ready for the next clues as to how the island will be used.

There's a crane at the base of MF's first drop today, as seen on Web Cam 3. I'm 99% sure that they're installing the new cable lift motor. As many of you remember, the cable failed last August and forced the park to switch to their spare for the remainder of the 2018 season, hence why MF moved so slow up the hill during HalloWeekends.

Does anyone have a direct link to the CP webcams? All I get on the CP sight are 4 gray dots that keep blinking.

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Checking the webcams like

But try this, Bluestreaker: Live Stream Roller Coasters

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Edit: Oddly enough, it was swinging but the 'frisbee' wasn't rotating. There's also a few cars parked in the Kiddy Kingdom midway area.

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It is that time of year when rides start testing. There are usually cars parked in the Kiddie Kingdom area. Thats where the staff park who work in the Coliseum in the off-season.

I was watching the water level from the strong NE winds we have had all day. It looks like the lake was pushed up close to the boardwalk. With this period of high water on Lake Erie, any strong and sustained NE winds are going to push the water unusually high on the beach this summer disrupting activities.

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Yes indeed, the lake can be a bear. I always feel bad for the ride operators on that side such as Wicked Twister & Troika on days of NE cold wind & rain. Good thing your boat is docked on the alee side of the peninsula. I drove the Chausee yesterday, my oh my they are doing some major breakwall work beginning at the corner by the Condo's all the way to approx. block 7 or so, installing the large quarry rocks to shore it up. Wonder who incurs the cost of that major project.

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Sollybeast said:
Oddly enough, it was swinging but the 'frisbee' wasn't rotating.

If you ever see Maxair doing its daily pre-opening checks before the park opens, that's usually how they cycle it.

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^I haven't worked Maxair (yet... this season I very well may be :P) but I believe that that's its "manual mode" test.

EDIT: Just opened the webcams and it was testing! Nice!

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