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Dj- So speculators have nothing to do with the price of oil anymore? When did they cut them out of the equation? Because if I read that one of the largest automakers is about to cut gas sipping vehicles out of their lineup, I would speculate that fuel demand would increase, and prices would go up. I get it’s not the only factor. Just like Trump and his Saudi buddies aren’t the only factor.


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I didn't say spectators aren't part of the equation. I said your assertion doesn't make sense. And that's because it's not supported by facts.

Ford isn't abandoning the small car market, they're abandoning the small car market in the US, which is basically nonexistent compared to global small car sales (also, they're keeping both the Mustang and Focus). Why would eliminating product that doesn't sell cause fuel demand to increase? People were not buying the cars in the first place. As F1re mentioned, shortsighted Americans love their giant SUVs and look-at-how-manly-I-am pickup trucks.

The primary factor in gas prices, as usual, is constrained supply. When oil producers want to squeeze more profit, they slash production. Further, gas prices have been on the rise for many months, hitting a 30-month high in January. Ford announced their plans, what, like last week? Gas prices have been on the rise going back to at least last year. And when OPEC met in November they publicly announced production cuts would continue.

This has nothing to do with Ford.

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Not sure if this has been posted yet but...

Construction fencing has been put up around the old AWE stadium.

Let the speculation begin!

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My speculation face...

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Ha I knew it! That's where the new GCI is going to go! No wait... that's too obvious.

I have a vision of an ugly new building going up there with "12E" printed on the side...

I could be wrong though.

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Does it look like a stage or a bandshell in the rear up against the boardwalk?

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Could that be where Fire and Ice is going?

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Considering Fire and Ice is listed on the website as in the Wicked Twister Midway you just might be on to something. :)

looks like food trucks are being setup on the midway.

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WolfBobs said:

Construction fencing has been put up around the old AWE stadium.

Let the speculation begin!

I was able to walk back and check that out on Monday. It's just dirt. A lot of dirt. There might have been one small wooden platform/step type thing in there. And some gulls.

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It looks to me like the WT que is gone. Also, RCMAC from a distance it does look like a stage by the boardwalk but I think that is an illusion. Zooming in it appears the boardwalk makes a turn by the north leg of WT and a dark supstance such as mulch was put under the leg creating the appearance of depth.

I speculate the stage will go where the old WT que was thus keeping the view of the lake unobstructed and then running the WT que parallel to the ride.

I can still see the blue awnings for WT’s queue. However, I really wish they’d reconfigure those queues for a 4th time to accommodate the guests running from Gatekeeper trying to get in line

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That actually looks like a massive plot of land. They can definetly put something of a decent size there.

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Like more Giant Concrete Slabs.

So I'll post this here but it may deserve it's own thread soon.

Went to the park today and Windseeker was actually operating so I headed over. Noticed through the fencing pictured above that there are now about 20 or so stakes in the ground all over this site. The pattern could easily be for footers (obviously as an enthusiast, my mind goes to footers.)

Also of an interesting note, there were 4-5 trenches dug leading to various areas on this plot with electrical conduit being laid. The pattern looked as if each trench was leading to a future concrete pad for a flat ride. The trenches and the stakes did not appear to be related, meaning the trenches didn't lead to stakes. If that makes sense cause in the end they're obviously related somehow. lol

Anyways, could be anything, could be nothing, probably is something. Enthusiast in me is hoping to see a B&M family invert or modern wild mouse, something with a low height requirement. The stakes looked more likely for the family invert. The logical person in me thinks 3-4 family flats for an expanded Planet Snoopy. The realist in me is expecting a few new dippin dots stands!

Sorry I didn't take any pics, as the best location is from Windseeker. Maybe someone headed there during the week can grab something. Or I will when I go back in 2 weeks.

I still think this is no more than just stuff for the stage coming soon for the show that starts in July in that area. Since we don’t know much about the show, the title of it makes me think it’ll use a lot of effects that require ground work taking place.

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I was in windseeker today and agree with twisterwicker77, it seems as if the conduit and trenches will be used to support the new show.

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

I will "third" that opinion. An even better view is from standing on the new boardwalk area. Personally checked out behind the fenced in area Friday pm. You can see all of the new conduit and some new(?) generators. Will make a great location for a new stage show if that's the case with lots of standing room.

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That’s would be a much better location for a larger show than the iron dragon midway where it becomes super packed at night. That does make for a great location visually with the lake and big wheel lights and has more room. Id accept that.

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