Dragster offically 2nd Tallest

I just read on xtremecoasters that Kindga Ka was topped off today making it the tallest roller coaster, and you know what that means...Dragster#2.

Here's the link...


It will always be #1 to me.

No, its not until the thing runs, anyone could build a tower and throw some track on it. It still has to work, which Im sure it will but its not the second tallest till kingda ka opens.

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Ugh. Boo hoo. It's taller. Move on.

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Look at the constuction photos on Six Flags site.


I admit, it does look pretty cool.

It's really going to be interesting to see if it works. With the over the sholders restraints they will probobly give it more power and they won't have any problem makeing it over the top, but we'll see.

If Kingda Ka will have problem with the launched TEST first year. They will fix it anyway. But we wait to see what going on. If Six Flags staffs don't know to how fix it. LOL! Kingda Ka is first roller coaster Intamin AG in Six Flags Great Adventure. Cedar Point staffs know to how fix Dragster. Cedar Point has 4 roller coasters Intamin AG.

If some riders will hurt from Kingda Ka.

If Kingda Ka will have a problem with launched.

What you think about Kingda Ka will problem with everything else????


Why do all of you guys always say "If it works"? Of course it's going to work. It may have a few bumps, but they learned a lot from the design of Dragster. Do you really think Six Flags would invest so much, and then it has a breakdown and they abandon it? Where were you saying this crap when Dragster was built? Who cares about that it's taller, you guys just bash it because it's not Cedar Point's. It's designed by some of the best engineers in the industry.. it will be safe, it will work, and it has beaten Dragster,let it go......

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The same could be said for Steel Dragon 2000....which was built, and opened a few weeks after millenium force. It ran for all of about 3 days and has not run since. I believe it is still standing but has not run since then.

It is possible for a coaster to be built and then not run because its junk. I do hope that Intamin learned something from building and fixing TTD over and over again, but that doesn't guarantee that KK will work. At this point, I am willing to say, I'll believe an intamin ride will work when I see it, but not a moment sooner.

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Well, I am willing to give Intaming the benefit of the doubt that it will work. People are assuming that Intamin has not improved the design since Dragster. I think some people here ordered a Whaaa burger and french cries. Personally, I don't think that with the addition of Kingda Ka that Dragster is any less special. You guys knew that eventually someone was going to beat the record. Nagashima Spaland proved that it won't always be Cedar Point. Get over it.


In english please.

Big Deal, Kinzel is probably working on the 500 footer.
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"This second hill is my favorite part of the ride. It is so Cool!"
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Look at the launch track it has the same paint patternhttp://www.sixflags.com/parks/greatadventure/images/golden_kingdom/69.jpg

101 on Magnum and counting...

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Didn't we know this was coming in what, October. Kingda Ka looks cool but I personally think TTD's location is much better let only CP itself has a much better location than any other park around, meaning it is surrounded by water.

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... actually John, Steel Dragon 2000 ran for a hair over 3 years untill the wheel accident on 8-23-2003.

I know several people over the years who got to ride and and basically said it felt like a large Magnum.

3 years.. not 3 days..

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(This is off topic) I'm not sure if you guys over here know this, but Kingda Ka will have breaks on the top the Top Hat. If you don't believe me, look at this picthttp://www.sixflags.com/parks/greatadventure/images/golden_kingdom/78.jpgure, (you can see two strips in the middle of the track)and read this excerpt of this article about Kingda Ka...

{Riders will be launched hydraulically in a horizontal position at 128 mph and then climb the tower straight up. Brakes at the top will slow riders, "so it gives you time to look around," Aristone said.

When the coaster train crests the top, it will be going only 15 mph, Urbanowicz said.

"That piece of track that just went in is going to get the loudest screams that Jackson has ever heard," Urbanowicz said. "You're going to feel like you're stalling. You won't have the roar of the coaster anymore. All you're going to hear is wind and screaming.}

I'm not thrilled about this idea...i'd rather have a plain hill like TTD..oh well..i'm just glad i have a Rocket Coaster at my Home Park!

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I'm wondering how long the brake is going to hold the train or slow down the train for. Whether you go over super slow or super face on TTD it seems to be the same when you're up there unless you get some airtime which is rare. Unless you go on the ride often you won't even notice the stop. I got on TTD only 4 times which were almost 2 months apart. I never notice a difference from ride to ride.

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Putting those brakes there isn't that bad of an idea. Since they are pass the peak, they wont cause and roll-backs.

And I also want to mentioned something about the harnesses. I rode Storm Runner at Hershey and its' harnesses, which are they same as Kingda Ka's, were very uncomfortable, gave little elbow roon and gave me bruises on my sides from its' really tight 90° or something twist, and odd twisty, turny thing at the end. Now I don't know how they will affect KK riders so just take that as a word of caution to any of you who might ever consider the posibility of riding Kingda Ka.

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It'll get broken in 3284.

maybe kingda ka will collapse so dragster will still be the tallest coaster!!!!!!!


Who cares if Dragster is the fastest and tallest. All that means is longer lines.

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