Dive Coaster coming to Cedar Point?

Is Calypso really worth saving? I understand the ride is old, but is there any larger historical significance to it?

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Look at how nice Calypso could look (this is an old picture from Six Flags Great Adventure, pilfered directly from http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Calypso.htm )! Maybe not this EXACT paint scheme, but you could make it an eye-catching experience, plus it's a good, fun ride!

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How have we already made the leap that anything bad is going to happen to Calypso?

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We haven't. It's just people that hate the ride are hoping that it will be removed. They just see the removal of GTT being in close proximity that something new will go there and remove all the rides they hate in that area.

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Jeff said:

How have we already made the leap that anything bad is going to happen to Calypso?

I'm not hoping that! I'm trying to convince people that there's no reason for it to be removed just because they never ride it!

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I just now thought of this, but 2016 will be Mean Streak's 25th. I think that would be a good opportunity to do a conversion on it, if that's in store. I think this year and next year should be lower cost conversions, while this dive coaster would be a good project for the parks 150th anniversary.

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Hello, new to PointBuzz. Huge coaster enthusiast. I believe this is an opportune time to write my first post seeing as this is exactly what I have thought for a couple years that CP should look to next. Though I thought it would fit well in the area where Thunder Canyon is located. No, I do not think it would be too much like anything else in the park and I would love to see it added to the already beautiful skyline. Though the article does seem sketchy to me, the described layout and stats sound nothing short of an amazing ride. If it did turn out to be like Gatekeeper, I would not be displeased. I see GK as an excellent ride and I love how graceful it feels. To the haters out there it is everything it was supposed to be and I believe more. There are very few holes in the CP coaster lineup. The only ones that I see are a Dive Coaster, a killer woodie and a Flyer. I'm not a fan of B&M flyers mostly because of the pretzel loops which feel very uncomfortable to me and I hate how they shove you into the ground. I actually prefer Vekoma flyers *gasp*, though they are no longer manufactured. I would love a RMC woodie or re-tracking of MS though I don't see Cedar Fair working with RMC for a while. I wouldn't mind a Gravity Group woodie either (Timberliners please- those trains take comfortable to am entirely new level). Also, I would rather not see a GCI at CP.
A dive coaster is exactly where I believe CP should go for their next coaster and I hope that this is true. That's my two cents.
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CP had a much more elaborate package.

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Welcome Coastercam! I do agree with you and actually prefer the Vekoma Flyers as well, seriously *gasp* LOL! I pretty much love everything about them especially the high Horshoe turn (probably my favorite element on any coaster ever). I do agree with you that CP needs a killer woodie that only Gravity Group can deliver (does not need to be record breaking, just awesome). A Dive Coaster would actually fit in the line up perfectly as another very unique experience but I would like to see a beyond vertical drop and an extended course with a few new elements like this http://rcdb.com/12050.htm# Cedar Fair seems to be going all out with B&M as their go to now for Hypers and Gigas I think that one of those will be just too large and take up too much land at CP unless it could run along the outskirts of the park somehow. I myself have still never been on a B&M Hyper and cannot wait until April when I will visit Barcelona And France with a rental car. I added an entire day to our trip so we can drive to PortAventura and will have a chance to ride Shambhala and Furious Baco is also on my list and has been for years. Again welcome!

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Travis Lea said:

CP had a much more elaborate package.

That's what she said...

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I'm a huge fan of B&M. They make fantastic coasters. Though many Intamin coasters might have a little more pizazz, I do not believe it is worth hoping for anything from them in the near future. I will be perfectly fine if Cedar Fair continues their B&M trend. Banshee and Gatekeeper are two of my favorite coasters and I have never been on one I considered forceless. Some coasters (such as winged riders) are just not supposed to be as wild as say Maverick and I like the variety. Plus, B&Ms are just so photogenic. Gatekeeper, Banshee, Thunderbird, and Fury325 are just masterful works of art.

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Chalk me up as someone who loves Gatekeeper. Great addition to the park.

For those who have ridden a dive coaster, does the first drop fell similar to the drop on Demon Drop?

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Great question, Pete. I've only been on Griffon (at Busch Gardens Williamsburg), which I absolutely adore. I would actually say it's close, but not exactly the same, even in the front row. There's just a slight (and very slight) difference in sensation between the back and the front, as the back technically gets pulled slightly down the drop. That said, even in the front there's just the tiniest bit of curved hill you slip down before dropping, but on ride from the front it's not very noticeable. If you've never been on a dive coaster before and think it's "just another coaster with a vertical drop" like Wicked Twister or Dragster, you would be pleasantly surprised by the experience. The hang-time over the edge gets the crowd's adrenaline pumping.

I'll say this; My "thrill" expectation wasn't the highest before I rode Griffon the first time, but even after riding it about 6-7 times the day we visited, it never got old and it always packed a punch. Like Gatekeeper, it was also interesting to try out different seats, and there was quite a variation in ride from the middle to the outer edges.

Ever since riding that ride a couple years ago, it's been on my personal wish-list for Cedar Point. Thrilling, unique, reliable, and a people mover.

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I agree about the experience that a dive coaster experiences. I've only been on Sheikra, but that drop in the back row........PHEWWWWW, what a ride. The rest is nothing tooo crazy but it's not dreadfully boring. Hopefully, I'll be able to get on Griffon this year so I can compare the 2.

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Regardless of what kind of coaster we might see in 2016, if any of course, I'm curious to what kind of colors we might see. I want something unique of course.

CoasterKyle1121 said:

Regardless of what kind of coaster we might see in 2016, if any of course, I'm curious to what kind of colors we might see. I want something unique of course.

If it's red/orange/yellow, I'll stage a protest.

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I actually prefer Vekoma flyers *gasp*, though they are no longer manufactured.

Vekoma would more than happy to build another Flying Dutchman unit if only they could find an interested buyer with signed contracts and purchase order. After all, they still list the model as active on their website. They even have a second generation:

Vekoma.com says:

The Flying Dutchman will be delivered with a complete new train design and this second generation of our Flying dutchman contains all features and design philosophies of the first generation, however with implemented major improvements of the restraint system, tilting device and ride control.

All that being said, I personally much prefer B&M flyers, from the trains to the rider position and even the overall experience. Then again, the only B&M flyer I've been on thus far was Tatsu @ SFMM. Now, if B&M would build CP an LSM-launched flyer, that would be a really neat experience. Probably the first of its kind.

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Thanks for the description Kevin! Seems like the ride will be a winner, if it actually is being built!

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than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

If the numbers hold we are talking about a "record breaker," and indeed a possible epic addition to the stable of coasters. There is nothing to say but good things on that front. Compared to the other versions of this class, what CP could get may prove the best example that ever gets built anytime in the near future. It would remove another 1400 or more people out of the general foot traffic-assuming full lines and an hour+ wait time which is good. And trading the car rides for it isn't bad. Plus I highly doubt Calypso is going away. They'll refit it like they did Monster and just move it. The refit of Monster was amazing, I'd love to see how a restored Calypso looks with the same treatment. We see photos enough to show it is a well traveled ride.

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A 1960s era Calypso was our #tbt yesterday on Facebook.

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