Dive Coaster coming to Cedar Point?

The floorless trains are not the key feature, though.

The memo looks awesome!


"The proposed Dive Coaster has three 24-passenger trains. Each train has eight people seated in a row, with each person restrained by a shoulder harness.

B&M is designing into the ride, a vertical drop in a tunnel, an Immelmann, a 270-degree roll, a banked curve, a "looping," an Immelmann with a half-roll exit, a second drop, a camel back and a spiral with a total of four inversions, according to the memo.

An Immelmann is a popular inversion on many coasters. A diving loop is an Immelmann traveled in reverse. This diving loop is commonly found on B&M coasters.

The height of the lift in the proposal is about 223 feet above ground level. The length of the track of about 3,625 feet, according to the memo. The proposed Dive Coaster has a maximum speed of about 80 mph with a ride lasting about 195 seconds, including 30 seconds for loading and unloading of passengers. At that rate 1,310 guests per hour could ride the coaster."

I would LOVE it if a dive coaster came to Cedar Point. I have always wanted to ride one.

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cpfourlife1 said:

...with B&M you get amazing reliability but typically a ride lacking in overall thrill.

How many B&M's have you been on? I find your opinion completely absurd. Ride Banshee if you have any doubts.

Intamin rides in my experience are more forceful, more dynamic, and have typically more "Unique" layots than B&M IMO. Just look at Mantis - Chang - Riddlers Revenge. They are literally the same basic layout with each subsequent one becoming larger and adding inversions. Same thing with Batmans, Same thing with the majority of Dive coasters ect. B&M tends to provide more sustained Gs over Intamin rides which in my experience tend to throw you around (in a good way ofcourse).

Not saying they aren't top quality (definately an advantage in capacity and reliabilty). Also, to date I have ridden 18 B&Ms, however I have not had the opportunity to ride Banshee. B&M may take a very refined and quality approach to design, but I just feel like Intamin pushes the limits on rollercoaster design.

I would rather ride Mellinium or Maverick over Raptor anyday, however that is just my opinion and I know people personally who love raptor more.

What do you all think about what may happen, if this is true, with Turnpike Cars, Calypso, Cadillac Cars ( and according to comments on Sandusky Register, Dodgem as well)? It's been a rumor for awhile, but I hope a few of these attractions stay, especially given that the dorms are going bye-bye (again, rumor, but, probably happening).

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CoasterKyle1121 said:

So my question is, would Cedar Point really add two floorless coasters on back to back years? It just seems unlikely for them to do that.

I can't believe they keep adding coasters at all. They all have wheels.

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Jeff said:


I couldn't agree more. Banshee actually re-kindled a little bit of my inner coaster fan last year. It's pretty perfect.

If I could have Banshee, Maverick and El Toro all in one spot, I'd probably want to live there.

edit: Oh, and Phoenix too.

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Jeff said:

I've pointed out before that many of the older B&M and Intamin rides were designed by the same people (Stengel). Look at Fahrenheit at Hersheypark or Colossus at Thorpe Park, and tell me the path of the track doesn't look like Kumba or one of the floorless coasters. Millennium Force, Raptor, Mantis and Maverick are all designed by Stengel. They might have different lift mechanisms and train designs, but the layouts all come from the same firm.

Do things still work the same today? If B&M is contracted to build a ride for a park, does B&M then sub-contract the design of said ride out to a separate engineering firm, or is it done in-house? I guess I'm wondering to what degree B&M, Intamin, et al. are design versus manufacturing firms.

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Are B&M and INTAMIN manufacturing organizations at all? My understanding is that they are more of the engineering and project management side of things. They outsource track production and presumably trains as well. They contract with companies who specialize in things like electrical controls as well.

That being said, it has been mentioned that the design (in terms of track layouts) has been in-sourced at B&M lately.

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B&M fabricates track through Claremont outside of Cincy (video). I believe the trains are made in their own facility.

These days, it appears that B&M is designing the rides themselves. That's why the "forceless" argument is so ridiculous. In the modern era of Banshee, they're calling the shots, but for the vast history of B&M rides, they share design credits with Intamin.

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Okay, I'm not sure about the trains as I've never heard much about their origins.

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WKYC wrote an article about it as well: http://www.wkyc.com/story/news/features/2015/01/14/cedar-point--div.../21751605/

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Are these coasters big enough to take all the land from Cedars, Dodgem, and the cars?

The cars are a bit redendant with the Tin Lizzys in the back of the park. Dodgem could be moved and they already tore the other down for TTD if I recall correctly, but where you could put it I can't say. It seems popular enough but also is a pretty big square of land right on the main midway junctions. I say they should move Calypso back to where it was, or move Dodgem there.


Not like I won't go there 27 or more times next year anyway.

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Honestly, this managment has shown it cares about the overall atmosphere of the park and it's draw for families while still catering to a larger demographic by building coasters. I simply dont see them getting rid of their last dodgem espcially when it is kind of a staple of amusment parks although I would be willing to bet it will get moved.

Calypso is an older ride so I wouldnt be surprised to see it go, but I would love for it to stay if not moved and refurbished to it's original glory in an area with higher traffic. As for the Cars? They are redundant, but i hope they only get rid of Turnpike cars. the antique cars have a nicer layout, are in a nice location with trees, and are along the midway.

So in my perfect fairytale world they only get rid of turnpike cars, add a coaster, add a dark ride, remove cedars, redirect the road toward the bay, and construct a midway with the same quality as the Gemini midway. But then again that is probably a pipe dream.

RideMan said:
Sorry, but what they did to the Wildcat was a shame and a tragedy. And I am not particularly impressed with what we got in its place.

You're not impressed with those bleachers? They sure are nice bleachers though ;)

If you guys are going to try and grill the answer out of them during Winter Chill Out, then you need to word it a certain way so they don't go around the question. But at the same time, I beg that you don't waste the entire Q&A over 2016 season.

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In that WKYC article, Bryan Edwards is quoted as saying it's just one "of many" projects the park is considering. So they admitted this is something they are considering but have yet to decide. I'd imagine if they were to go with this idea, they'd have to decide relatively soon.

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Why? If they want to build it for 2020, there's no hurry.

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I think GTT coming down is less about a specific ride than more general plans. I'll say again that they need a "third pipeline" from the main entrance, something that dumps out near the train station, with a most an outlet at the Marina entrance area. That would make the area around the night show (be it Luminosity or whatever comes later,) easier to fully use and keep foot traffic away from it. Let's be honest the current setup isn't ideal.

A coaster can be designed around the footprint they'll have, whatever type it is. And from the look of the other "divers" out there, these are really big machines most of which have walkways, trains, even roads running under them.

Will this be the last new "major" coaster before season 150?

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A dive coaster wouldn't suprise me and, like Jeff, I like Sheikra at BGT. If they are doing to "dive" underground I would be willing to be they incorporate that dive to get under Permiter Road...sending the trains out to the area that Cedars now occupies in order for them to turn around and head back in the park proper to finish at the station.

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Jeff said:
Why? If they want to build it for 2020, there's no hurry.

Well yeah but we're talking about 2016. You're probably more familiar with how long the process actually takes but I'm sure that's something they would have to get going on soon if they were to choose that idea.

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They should move calypso to where one of the three point shooting games is. Maybe to where Chaos once was.

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