Dive Coaster coming to Cedar Point?

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I'm floored with this conversation.

Does anyone else find it strange how (or have an explanation for why) B&M still advertises stand-up coasters on their website, despite the fact there hasn't been a new one since 1999 (Georga Scorcher)?

Heck, they even feature Mantis for much of the video they have on the webpage, LOL.

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Because they still sell them? I'm sure if a park came to them with a nice wad of money and asked them to build a stand-up coaster, they wouldn't say no to it.

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It's a product that B&M has developed and is offering for sale.. Why wouldn't they advertise its availability alongside all other options?

Maybe some new park in China would want to bring back the fad; B&M would be fools to say no to their business.

Good points. I just asked that because stand-up coasters don't seem to be in demand these days; any "new" installations since 1999 were previously removed from other parks.


You can still find information on Apple's website about Macs from 2011 and they don't sell them anymore. The only difference is that everything from B&M is custom-built for the client. So, they'll gladly bring back an old ride.

Space on a website is cheap. They simply left no concept behind.

I get how you see it as strange, I just don't see that myself. :)

And here's what I hear repeatedly, once again referring to my non-enthusiast friends.

"Say, whats the new ride at Cedar Point?" and if I say...

"It's Mantis with new sit down, floorless trains" then they say...

"Oh, you mean like Raptor?"

So the company, some time ago, chose a name for a product in their line that is indeed an apt description but may be confusing to the public. Especially with the popularity and proliferance of inverts. So those who say Raptor is indeed a floorless coaster aren't wrong, anybody could easily see it that way.

And it would be easy to say "Well, that's ok, who cares but us anyway?" until Cedar Point sticks the term in every one of their ads and press releases. Then it's not exactly crystal clear.

^^ Haha, I understand. I have a tendency to notice trivial details like that and wonder about them more than I probably should.

Interestingly, Intamin doesn't list stand-ups on their site. And seeing as the only other manufacturer, TOGO, is out of business, would that mean B&M probably has a monopoly on stand-ups at the moment?

I never understood why people argue about not needing a Dive Coaster with floorless trains, because Rougarou already offers that experience. Same argument can be made with Iron Dragon, Raptor, and Wicked Twister suspending you below the track, and both Raptor and WT with feet dangling. And Maverick and Corkscrew are both sit-down loopers. And Millennium and Magnum are both sit-down coasters with lots of airtime hills. So we'll have two floorless coasters, but just like all the other 'similarly' paired coasters, they offer a much different ride experience aside from their matching train arrangement/style.

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CoasterCam said:

I actually hold Vekoma flyers in higher opinion. I don't like how the B&M ones leave you in the "flying" position while waiting on the brake run.

I know it's a little late to reply to a comment posted over a year ago, but B&M flyers are soooooo much better than Vekoma flyers. I agree that it's awful being left in the flying position in the brake run, but every Vekoma I've ridden was intensely jolting, rough, and headache inducing. B&M flyers are at least smooth throughout the course.

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I love Firehawk. Extremely comfortable ride. Nighthawk sucks though. The pretzel loops are enough to ruin B&M flyers for me. I just love getting shoved head first mercilessly into the ground.

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