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With Steel Vengeance showing me that anything is posable when it comes to what coasters cedar point will add, It made me wonder what the next coaster will be. I'm hoping for a B&M flyer, as its very different than cedar points current coasters. What do you all think?

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I think the next coastir ceder point should get is a 700ft polorcoastir with a splahdown and 20 inversians.

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Honestly this is a tough one. Now that Mean Streak is gone, I feel like Cedar Point is damn near perfect. The only true holes in their coaster lineup are an indoor coaster and a modern wooden coaster, but in a way, Steel Vengeance IS their modern wooden coaster now. A lot of people have been screaming for a B&M flyer for over a decade now, but I think the time has come and passed for that. I don’t think CP, or CF for that matter has any interest in flying coasters since the only ones currently in operation were pre-CF investments. In other words, flying coasters are soooo 2007.

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If they had a Skyscraper ride again, it would be 100% perfect.

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I know it's not new tech or anything, but I'd like to see something along the lines of a Mondial Top Scan at CP. Cheap, small footprint, and different from the rest of their lineup.

I agree that the next new coaster should be a modern wooden coaster. GCI or Gravity Group, it doesn't really matter.

On the flat ride side, I would love to see a Gerstlauer Sky Roller. I rode the one at Canada's Wonderland, and it was so much fun. I am still baffled at how there aren't more built in the US at all.

GCI family wooden coaster in the style of InvadR is my prediction.

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I’m betting Wild Mouse in 2019 and a GCI in the STR and SRF location for 2020. I think they’re pushing for 20 coasters by 2020.

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I feel like “20 coasters by 2020” is something the Kinzel regime would have wet their pants over trying to do. The current folks in charge couldn’t care less about something like that. They would much rather have a well rounded quality guest experience.

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I agree with Cartwright.

If they were pushing for 20, why bother to waste money redoing mantis and mean streak?

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just so you all know, I meant I would like to see a B&M Flyer, not that it was realistic, or the best from a business standpoint.

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Flyer is not a good choice. The capacity is awful on those. The two I have been on at KI and Carowinds take a long time to load. Not a good choice for a park that aims for high capacity.

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2019: add a small GCI starting in the empty space of the defunct Sports Stadium.
2020: a 500 ft. steel coaster, starting in Antique Cars and going to / turning around at the defunct Sandcastle Suites area.

2020s: an indoor coaster in the Shoot the Rapids spot. Probably need to take out Snake River for that.

My wish list.

B&M flyer capacity is quite a bit better than that awful Vekoma flyer capacity... the restraints are a bit more straightforward, and the newest ones don't have drop floors (see Tatsu) and if it has a catwalk out the front of the station like every one I'm aware of, I don't think it needs a front gate either.

Besides a flyer, other things CP could get are:

  • Woodie (likely GCI, but GG would be nice too)
  • Dark ride or coaster (most parks in CP's size class have some sort of dark ride, and CP has been missing anything indoors since Disaster Transport closes)

Addressing the polercoaster idea -- I'd call it "possible, but unlikely." On the surface, it seems like a great concept for a space-limited park, but the downside is that they are VERY expensive... if they did get one, I'd hope it would have an observation deck, as CP has been missing that since Space Spiral. But again, the cost may be prohibitive, to say the least.

Also, the coaster component of the Polercoaster is an Intamin with a 500 foot vertical LSM launch as a lift hill. While I don't like to completely write off CF ever working with Intamin again, I would imagine that they'd want to see one of these in action first to prove that Intamin could make it work.

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I’d say a polercoaster is unlikely simply due to the fact that, despite promises, there aren’t any yet.
And yeah, they’re expensive. Every day that goes by without one the price goes up.

Gotta love the quarterly “What Should Cedar Point Get Next” thread. It’s always exactly the same.

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CoasterKyle1121 said:
I think they’re pushing for 20 coasters by 2020.

I hear that phrase all the time and don’t understand it. While new coasters are being built, it’s not at the same pace as it was in the 1990s. For the most part, it appears parks have refocused on the overall experience for a nice return on business.

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A 500 foot woodie with 2 stations & 2 lifts. One station / lift combo will be in the park. The other will be at the ferry dock in downtown Sandusky. There! I just eliminated the need for the oft discussed monorail! 😈

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Before I see another coaster at CP, I would love to see a great dark ride. Its the one major thing that CP is lacking in my opinion.

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JohnMosesBrowning said:

A 500 foot woodie with 2 stations & 2 lifts. One station / lift combo will be in the park. The other will be at the ferry dock in downtown Sandusky. There! I just eliminated the need for the oft discussed monorail! 😈

You win.

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I truly feel I’m the only one who does not buy into the B&M flying coaster gimmick, as well as an indoor coaster. Why are these crucial in a coaster line up? I think Cedar Point will once again think outside of the box and install the first of its kind coaster next.

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