Cedar Point's Next Coaster

Zoug68 said:

While I love Dollywood, it seemed very difficult to find a discount for a one day ticket back in summer of 2016. I think the best I could find was maybe $5 off with a McDonald's cup. Unfortunately, it ended up costing over $80 including parking...

At Dollywood, the shows alone are worth $80.

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Try the app, usually the best deals are directly thru the parks on the apps now.
Online, ahead of time.

Plus, That way you don’t have to eat a McDonald’s

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

^^With the storms that were there, I didn't have time for shows. The lines for them got really long during the storm and I was really only there for Lightning Rod so I had to be ready when it reopened. Plus, In 2016, Lightning Rod wasn't even as reliable as Dragster. Stayed in Knoxville the night before and was staying in Asheville after on my way to Carowinds. So, shows meant nothing to me since I was very limited on time. Plenty of live performances in the Detroit area if I were looking for that and many of them are free and more to my taste.in music.

.^I hadn't stepped foot in a fast food restaurant in almost a year at that point. I sure wasn't going to do it to save a few bucks at Dollywood. Just downloaded the app. Same $70 price as online plus parking.

Cedar Point seems to be one of the better parks at running promotions or giving online deals.

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TwistedWicker77 said:

What do you mean across from WT? Like over by 3 point challenge? Or where the new stage being built is.

Where 3 Point Challenge is. Basically removing the slower than molasses bumper cars and the fry stand. Obviously, it wouldn't have the same layout as Wooden Warrior but it's only 32 feet tall and looks super fun. The turns are maybe 60 feet across. It seems like they could make it pretty narrow. They would be able to move the kiddy rides around in kiddy kingdom, theme them to Snoopy and call it new. This coaster would then connect the kiddy areas together. They might have to move Tiki Twirl and Troika to other spots in the park.

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After riding mystic timbers about 5 times Thursday I vote a similar wooden coaster neat str site. Best coaster ride I’ve had in a long time. Look out boy.

First ride; Magnum 1994

^ This. Holy crap, THIS. I am about to roll out of SW Ohio to head home after 2 days at Kings Island. I would love to have a GCI like Mystic Timbers at Cedar Point! There’s really no terrain to use at CP and the tree cover is limited but I would love to see what the mad scientists could come up with for Cedar Point to put on Millennium Island...


^ My one friend thinks that we'll see a new GCI on Millennium Force island either next year or the year after. He thinks they're going to take out Snake river falls to make it happen. If that's the case, Cedar Point will only have one water ride left. I hope the snake stays and they just build around it.

My idea would be since Cedar Point eventually wants a dark ride, is to put in a ride like Mystery Mine at Dollywood. I had to convince my friends that we should ride that as the last ride before we left Dollywood. My favorite there was Lightning rod, but I know that's irrelevant here.

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I've mentioned in the past that a good place for a dark ride could be between Gemini and Steel Vengeance. Planning and Design could be relocated to the recently acquired land along Rt.6.

I agree! Or even where wardrobe is. I’ve always thought wardrobe should be off point, near laundry, by the employee housing.

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