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I agree White Water Landing was a good ride. And probably the best of the Arrow Hydroflumes out there. (I remember liking Magic Mountain’s a lot, too)
I rode it opening day and remarked about how bare and muddy it looked. At the end of its life it had turned into a beautiful looking ride with nice landscaping and mature trees.

Dollywood is a good choice if you like down-home themeing, fried chicken, thrilling coasters, and water rides. There are three excellent water rides and they can be real soakers, so if you intend to ride em wear light clothes and meshy shoes. Also, the time of your visit will determine as well. They tend to have shorter seasons than the rest of the park.

Good luck with your travels as you age and get some coin in your pocket. I’ve always said part of the problem around here is that most can’t see anything past Cedar Point’s exit gate.
Get out there, folks, if you can. There’s a whole world of unique parks and attractions waiting.

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I appreciate the sentiment, RCMAC. If indeed I do get to go to Dollywood, which I think I will, it will be my first "new" park since Kings Island, which I first visited in 2011 with a high school group, if my memory serves me correctly. Considering I graduate college with a BS in May of 2019, I should be able to get around a little more, which I look forward to. I'm honestly the type of person who can and does see past the exit gates of Cedar Point, but am relegated to salivating over POV's and reviews of rides like Lightning Rod. I can't help the fact that we are spoiled in Ohio, with two awesome parks in Cedar Point and Kings Island, but I do want to get out there and see what else is available.

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^Be sure to visit Six Flags Great Adventure, Hersheypark and do a 2 day weekend in Louisville to hit Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World.

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All 4 of those are actually on my bucket list, and my family has made a habit of going down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for vacation, so maybe I can convince them to go to Carowinds next time around too.

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Zoug68 said:
^Be sure to visit Six Flags Great Adventure, Hersheypark and do a 2 day weekend in Louisville to hit Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World.

How do you mention Hershey and Great Adventure but neglect the little park in the woods between them?

Knoebels. Go to Knoebels.

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^ are we forgetting Dorney too? That’s one of my favorite Cedar Fair parks!

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I wonder if they’ll ever do another contest to win trips to all the CF parks again? (Well ones with airports nearby, sorry CP and MiA.)

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

  • I GUESS Dorney AND Knoebels but both in the same day IF they are on the way to or from Hershey and Great Adventure. Neither are parks I would go out of my way for again, though.
  • UPDATE: Since this morning when I posted this comment, I talked to someone about going to SFGAd and so in 2 weeks, I WILL be hitting Knoebels and Dorney after I spend a couple of days at Hershey.

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The family and I are going to Dollywood ourselves in July, will be my first time there. And I can't wait to ride Lightning Rod too. Anybody know how the crowd and lines there are during July?

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Dollywood is one of our favorite parks to visit. If you are a Cedar Point regular I think you will be presently surprised by the ride wait times regardless of the time of year, although it can certainly have its "busy-beyond-belief" days as any park can.

The thing to keep in mind about Dollywood is that the shows are as big (if not bigger some days) of a draw as the rides. That is, a big percentage are at the park on any given day just to see the shows. There have been many visits where the parking was just slammed, and once we were in the park, the ride lines did not reflect the population in the same way it would at Cedar Point. Of course if shows are your thing, Dollywood takes it to a different level than Cedar Point.

The food is wonderful, the coaster selection is great, the crowds are manageable...since you're going in July I would recommend squeezing in the water park if you can; it's a lot of fun!

We just booked a week in July...but for 2019.

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I agree with everything said above. Be sure to get some cinnamon bread while there too!

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I was just at Dollywood last month and I loved it! And I agree, get the cinammon bread! It's to die for!

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Ill just echo what everyone else said about DollyWood. We actually have season passes there as well. We went to DollyWood the first weekend in May instead of hitting Cedar Point's opening weekend as we usually do. Made a good decision there. Weather was great and crowds were minimal. Great coaster lineup, food and shows.

Staff at DollyWood are older so they get and understand what great customer service is. You should go ahead and download the DollyWood app. You can check out their ride wait times without being in the park. Take time to take in some shows. The Smokey Mountain String Band is excellent. Dolly Parton herself was at the park when we were last there and performed. If you can, stay at DreamMore. Its an excellent resort and offers free shuttles to the park.

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Thanks for all the replies! We'll be going on a weekday the week after 4th of July, so I'm hoping that helps with the crowd and lines. Unfortunately we won't be staying in their resort or going to the water park, honestly it's just too expensive, the park itself is enough. I'll definitely have to try that cinnamon bread, I've read and heard the same opinions about the greatness of it lol. I haven't been to cedar point in a while because I'm waiting for my kids to get a little taller so they can ride everything, almost there though. Thanks again


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I'm likely going (Edit: to Dollywood) in August, but I'm having issues finding information on the shows for that time of the year; I'm having to convince someone to go with me who will likely be way less interested in the roller coasters than I, and the shows are going to be the big selling point. I saw one that will be going on today that is 50's and 60's music, and that would be a big selling point, but I just don't know what type of shows go on later in the year, or if we won't know anything until; they get scheduled; for context, I'll likely be there sometime during the week of August 12th.

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Go to cedarpoint.com >Play>Shows and click on each one. It lists the they dates it runs through, show times and days the of week it runs. At least for the half a dozen I clicked on.

Not sure I would use the shows as a selling point to a friend of mine however. CP isn’t Dollywood or Branson.

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Cargo Shorts, I'm speaking in regards to Dollywood - sorry for the lack of specificity.

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While I love Dollywood, it seemed very difficult to find a discount for a one day ticket back in summer of 2016. I think the best I could find was maybe $5 off with a McDonald's cup. Unfortunately, it ended up costing over $80 including parking and a huge storm ended up coming in. I knew it was coming, but Lightning Rod was running, so I had to risk it. I got one ride on Lightning Rod before the storm, along with rides on all other coasters. Having paid so much to get in, I waited 4 more hours before most rides started back up at 9. Lightning Rod started at 9:30. Got 2 of my best night rides on any coaster, ever.

Anyway, GCI dueling wooden coasters would be fun. Plus a Gravity Group wood coaster like Wooden Warrior across from Wicked Twister.

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What do you mean across from WT? Like over by 3 point challenge? Or where the new stage being built is.

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