Cedar Point Announces Valravn - Dive Coaster for 2016 - 10 World Records!

Valravn is going to have some amazing views at the top. I expect this will have one of those epic Cedar Point sunset moments where you understand why you love coasters and CP all over again.

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CPcyclone said:

What I don't understand is: Why a Dive Coaster? Valravn is essentially the love-child between Rougarou and Gatekeeper. 1) It's floorless, 2) It's winged if you're sitting in the outer 2 seats in each side of the train.

I'm surprised they went this route and didn't go with a flyer, RMC or a dark ride.

What I don't understand is: Why would anyone (for thrill potential) prefer a dark ride over a new 230 foot tall coaster? And, with your logic isn't a flyer just the inbred love child of Raptor and Rougarou? and an RMC the illegitimate orphaned child of Mean Streak and Maverick? This isn't the last year the park will add something new... The park has already mentioned their interest in pursuing a dark ride and it is likely in the future.

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Everyone asking questions look at http://valravn.cedarpoint.com/

This answered every single one of my questions including marina gate location, pronunciation, etc + some other fun facts like Valravn is B&Ms 100th coaster.

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  • Wow that Orange track looks really good now that I've seen it on the ride, I was a bit skeptical
  • Lots of records, sweetness
  • The midway connection (Blue Streak) and main entrance to the ride look great
  • Train colors so far look way cool
  • Should be interesting, it's a slightly different take on a Dive Coaster, can't wait to see it deliver
  • How does one create a VR video? Super interesting to watch, would love to learn how.
  • The logo in full high res and seeing the design, they're getting way too good in that department. I'm sure the sign will be Gatekeeper plaza esque based on what we see, but nothing official.
  • The IG/Twitter campaign they're running for this is awesome, can't wait to join in


  • Not surprised to see an Immelman & dive loop stuff right at the start. I feel this is becoming B&M or the actual engineers signature element. It's been everywhere at CF and stuff as of late.
  • It's exciting, but not sure if it's because it's not a new coaster type bringing hype, or that we've had such a huge leak so early on, but I wasn't ecstatic like I was say with Banshee or Fury.
  • Surprised nothing else for new for 2016 announced. Will there be no side projects this season? Other than a new Marine gate, surprised nothing else is getting moved or refurbed and branded "new" considering how it's been the past few years.

I will in a final note say this:

The Ouimet/Decker combo is getting somewhat predictable. Just somewhat, not completely, but it's there

  • There will be a plaza
  • There will be circles of pavers or a different, two toned stone and a curvey/organic look to the path
  • It will have some element that interacts with the main midway
  • It will more than likely be a B&M
  • Expect some bird/creature of lore

Not saying I don't like it, I do, but the cookie cutter nature is starting to exist. But damn again, I like it. But I want to say no at the same time. Weird conflict.

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I just got back from the announcement and this is really going to be a great coaster for the location. I took lots of pics and will get them to Walt to do what he does best.....

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I compare my feelings toward Valravn to Maverick (same layout) with no canyons, trees, water or launch tunnel. Just the coaster over grass. Would it still be great? Sure. But the added elements (the canyons, the tunnel, the water) truly make the coaster better.

Water and tunnels. That's all that's missing.

Interesting, in the press release it says it's pronounced val-rey-vuhn. I'm not even sure how to interpret that. The boldface implies the emphasis is on "val," then "uh" is in italics for some reason.

Perhaps we should ask the Jerry Lewis parody from Animaniacs what he thinks.

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Also, I would love if they uploaded the actual teaser video shown before the announcement to their Youtube/Facebook. It's a cool video, minus the flute bit that gets repeated, it got a bit old really quick for me haha. Something about the track they used is SUPER familiar. Sounds like E.S. Posthumous but I know it's not. Something similar though.

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Will they keep one of the live cameras on Valravn all year or place a new still one that updates every few minutes. If they use a webcam at all, which I expect they would.

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That's interesting that they didn't show an announcement trailer. I hope one is uploaded!

On a side note, can't wait for Valravn!

For those questioning why 8-across instead of 10-across, look how much wider the Banshee trains are compared to Raptor... The vest restraints take up more room, so those 8-across trains will likely be the same or very close to what Griffon's 10-across is, dimensionally.

I am really excited for this ride... Dive machines are incredible and I have always hoped for one at CP... The layouts may look plain/generic, but the drops are downright stunning. Placement is fantastic and I can't wait to be on it next year! I *DO* wish they went with a more "gothic" color scheme, purple/blues/greys, but small nitpick. Too bad they didn't go with the original planned color scheme for Rougarou as it would have taken away some of the orange overload in the skyline.


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They don't look that much wider, maybe just by a slight margin.

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They're a bit wider. Ride Mantis and Banshee same day with the same people, the proximity between shoulders is quite noticeable.

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Ouimet: "We need a new coaster at Cedar Point for 2016; who has some ideas?"
Nameless executive "We could build something tall and fast."
Ouimet: "Perfect! I think we're done then; good job everybody."

Girl: "l want to ride that yellow one again... Twisted Wicker"
Me: "It's a roller coaster, not a broken clothes hamper."

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I wonder if there will be half-working fog at the bottom of the first hill. That's better than any tunnel, underground, or splash effect.

On a more serious note, it looks like there is plenty of room for landscaping throughout the course of the ride. Looking forward to some things that might not be seen in the renderings. In my opinion, the renderings of GK when it debuted looked nothing like the finished product. For example the color was off, as well as the key holes and trees shown. I'm sure some things will be slightly different.

Also, I find a couple things sort of odd design-wise. For one, the station kind of reminds me of Magnum's station with a random stone tower. The random paver circles throughout the new marina/valravn walkway seem confusing. Also, the queue seems kind of boring. The stone/wood walls are pretty random too.

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I think the scale and thrill of this ride will be something that will impressive to a lot of people. Just the visuals of a large coaster vehicle dropping down a vertical drop taller than Magnum will be an amazing site. They have a track section on display at the preview site which is simply massive. Never having seen a dive coaster before, I had no idea just how big these things are.

I've always loved Demon Drop and the pure freefall that provided. I've never been on a dive coaster, but I think it may provide a free fall experience that is very similar with a much taller hill, and of course some nice elements after that. CP made a great choice building this ride. I think it will be a hit and people will love it.

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I am really happy about this new ride. I have been on Griffon and Shiekra and really enjoyed them both.

I only wonder if the new restraints will be exactly like Gatekeeper or more forgiving. At the end of GK the vests really become tight. It really doesn't bother me but my wife complains every time we ride due to the vests.

All I have to say is thank you CP for another great addition!

The 360 youtube video is quite cool that you can change your viewpoint in youtube using the mouse. I am liking the new path connecting Blue Streak and the entry corridor. I think seeing the back side of the quaint Cadillac cars (which is blocked by the loading station on the main midway) and the views of the back of the racing horse ride and Raptor turn around all bring new life and fun to enjoying just watching these existing rides.

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CPcyclone said:

What I don't understand is: Why a Dive Coaster?

I know. So silly of Cedar Fair to squander all that time and money on research exploring what would interest and excite the millions of potential guests in their market when they could have simply checked here and ticked something popular with enthusiasts off their list.

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Something about being there for the announcement, and watching the video - was chill inducing. I am happy to have been able to take part in the event today - I'm actually very excited about this ride, because of its dark theme and name. I love it.

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