A ride that CP doesn't have & you wish it would...

^ Strange, I've always heard that Condors were some of the more intense spinny flat rides. Probably depends on the speed and the cycle, though.

I feel like CP's always been kind of behind in terms of creative flat rides. They've never had a flying carpet, I'm still surprised they haven't gotten a flat spin, but if anything, I think that's just from how long the marketing emphasis has been -just- on coasters to the point that the thinking has to have been that any flat ride that's not introduced along with a new area (e.g. Camp Snoopy) is underwhelming.

Before Chaos in 1999, what was the most recent new flat ride to be introduced?

Ummmm.... Troika? Witches Wheel?

I also bemoan the fact that CP is so behind the times with flats. I guess I'd be sad to see rides like Super Himalaya and Matterhorn go, but unlike Calypso, you can still find those rides at many, many parks and fairs. So I'd gladly trade 'em for a couple of really thrilling European spectaculars. Even a good Top Spin and a Breakdance would be good additions, although not exactly modern ones.

I think one of the most unusual and creative flats to come along in a while is Zamperla's Air Race and it would be great if Cedar Point would get one of the larger, permanent versions of that ride. (although the perfect spot for it is actually at Kings Island...)

BTW, new this year to the Ohio State Fair (opens Wednesday thru 8-9) is a KMG Experience ride. While I'll probably pass, I can't wait to see it run.

A back of the park sky ride that took you through the woods and landed you in Frontier town that you might sneak a quick puff on.

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RCMAC, that ride looks really fun, but also worthy of me taking a Dramamine before riding for sure! I'd love to try out something like that someday.

Also, are we considering the tilt-a-whirl as a flat ride, even though it was part of Camp Snoopy? I can't remember exactly when they got it, but that might be the newest one that I can remember that isn't totally a "child's ride," although yes, it did come during the Snoopy ride era.

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I have been on a condor ride, I think it was at one od the six flags parks, forget which one. They are sort of boring, but relaxing. Not that it is a bad thing, but if CP got one, it would be too much like windseeker, only with four rotating gondolas. Pretty much the same ride experience.

I'd say the park needs a Huss top spin, or that sledgehammer at Canada's. As for a gentile ride, bring back paddlewheel after the Dinos hopefully moves out. I miss that ride. And no more cutting down trees either. I can't believe they removed those two big ones by red garter.

I would love a Top Spin. It's the ride I miss the most.

I would love a Top Spin also. I always thought the area that Ocean Motion occupies is a cool spot for one. Top Spins are a pretty cool spectator ride.

I'm the OP of this topic and wanted to mention that I finally (and unexpectedly) rode a similar ride to my original idea at the top of this page. I went to Niagara Falls last month (namely Marineland park) and saw a ride called Skyhawk there. Check out youtube for a cool video of it. It was a cross between Matterhorn and Windseeker as noted previously. It had a great capacity and I felt the ride experience would be enough to draw families that can't all ride Windseeker together, especially with its 52" height requirement. Where to place it would be another story. I think a good location might be the dead area between Millenium Force and the main front CP/LE train station, another spot might be behind the Coliseum/old Arcade. Its small footprint could even fit where Eternity Infirmary currently sits since that spot is only used 6 weeks of the season anyhow.

I can see Cedar Point going the flat ride route for 2017-19 to fill the family ride void left in the last decade but was partially filled by the Gemini midway last year. Another big coaster would probably come in 2020.

Also I know Tony reads these posts once in a while so I would also like to suggest something along these lines for a coaster (this would up the count, no?) /dark ride hybrid (unlike the shoot em up types prevalent today everywhere) but maybe the themeing could be Snoopy/Red baron or Lake Erie/Pirate ride related? Just a thought. Another ride we currently don't have but has been rumored far too long and I wish we would. Take a look:

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That ride creeps me out on many different levels ^^

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CPfan1976 said:

I'm the OP of this topic and wanted to mention that I finally (and unexpectedly) rode a similar ride to my original idea at the top of this page. I went to Niagara Falls last month (namely Marineland park) and saw a ride called Skyhawk there.

They are similar because it's just an older version... The original post had a 2nd generation Condor made by Huss, and Skyhawk is a original Condor made by Huss...

And you have my deepest condolences for having to go to Marineland...

I was super excited to ride Laff Trakk earlier this year and then I was sorely disappointed after I did. It was very well themed, but the ride itself just wasn't exciting or interesting at all. :/

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Although I love PT, I'd much rather see an Intamin drop tower. If not on TTDs support structure, then one like Falcon's Fury in Tampa.

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Fire ball would make a good add on. But, from the ole days , a zipper, Tilt a whirl, round up, casino. I know most of these you see at fairs but, still enjoyable.

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^CP does have a tilt a whirl.

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A Transformer would be awesome at CP!

I am so glad Cedar Point doesn't have a Fireball ride. IMO, those additions are just cheap, and they work for parks like Six Flags only.

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Not exactly a thrill ride, but...

If it were up to me, I wouldn't have let Cedar Point get rid of Paddlewheel Excursions in favor of Dinosaurs Alive! Instead, I would've probably used the dinos as a re-theming of PE. The result would be something similar to the Jurassic Park rides at Universal Studios parks, with dinosaur animatronics in the water and on the banks of Adventure Island, which guests could see from the boats.

Then, à la the defunct Jaws ride in Universal Studios Florida, maybe have this thing "attack" the boat just before the ride ends.

This probably isn't the best idea on here, but it's my way of blending an existing attraction with a former one (specifically, one it replaced).

Sounds awesome. I wish they would have done something like this!

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I would love to see a Gerstlauer or Zierer come in the park. Some elements from both coasters are fantastic. However I doubt we'll see Gerstlauer touch the park anytime soon after the whole Smiler incident & whatnot. Zierer would be sweet but their installations haven't been that common at least to my knowledge, but Verbolten is one hell of a fun ride. Even if I miss Big Bad Wolf, I do thoroughly enjoy Verbolten as a replacement.

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I'd guess that one of the appeals of adding Dinosaurs Alive and removing Paddlewheel was the reduction in staffing costs....

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