A ride that CP doesn't have & you wish it would...

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I wouldn't want to sacrifice Thunder Canyon for a coaster. The ride adds variety, not the environment.

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CoasterCam said:

...the environment doesn't have to be sacrificed.

Even if we assume CP could find a way to build a coaster there without destroying the environment back there (and their history in this regard gives no indication they could or would succeed), you're still talking about removing 1 of 3 water rides in the park, just to add something they already have 16 of. That just doesn't make sense.


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They don't have one that goes through the woods.

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Other than Iron Dragon

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A lot of it goes above the woods though.

2018- Raptor

CP Top 5- 1)MF 2) Maverick 3) Gatekeeper 4) Top Thrill Dragster 5) Raptor

Good Wood, a vintage-style log flume, and a paddlewheel boat ride.

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The simple fact is that it would be a stupid business decision to remove a ride that provides family-friendly variety just so they can install something they already have an abundance of.

Beyond that, the number of people who base their vacation decisions on whether or not the potential destination has a coaster that goes "through the woods" rounds to zero. Far more people care about variety of attractions, and whether or not there are things the entire family can do together.


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I really want a dark ride, although I think that's inevitable.

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I would be in favor of more "classic" flat rides, such as the whip, paratrooper, and the turtle. I'm also in favor of a dark ride. (Basically, something fun, but not super intense).

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This echos a lot of comments, a traditional flume and a dark ride. But I will elaborate, a non-simulator/interactive/video game dark ride.

Upside-down Fun House

I always thought Wildcat would have made a nice dark ride.

A good spinning wild mouse type coaster, maybe even something similar to the new one being installed at Tampa next season.

Just saw B&M has a family 2 across inverted coaster, would make a wonderful addition to Planet Snoopy.

Finally... Kangaroo at Kennywood. I love that ride.

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Gatekeeper2013 said:
The only time I get soaked is when some one pays to use a water cannon. Or I am sitting front row and water comes over the front onto my lap. Waterfalls miss me every time, the splash at the bottom is nothing near SRF, and those are your only chances to get wet.

Just sitting down in the boat before the ride even starts gets me soaked. Am I riding a different STR than everyone else? ;)

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I'd love to see a Bayern Kurve return to the park, but that's just very wishful thinking. Logically I could see the park adding a Chance Morgan Hyper GT-X. It's a small footprint, small cost coaster, but quite nice. Aside from the restraints its a very fantastic ride at a very surprisingly bad park

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I'd like the Rotor back.

The "Falling Star" that Coco mentioned looks fun, too.

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You know, England's Lightwater Valley had/has an enclosed Wildcat. It was originally called The Rat and was actually "underground". Riders entered through a sewer door dug in the side of a hill and went down a hall to the ride. It was re-themed to Raptor Attack, or something.

Kennywood's Kangaroo (Flying Coaster) is the last of its kind. In Europe there are similar rides that travel that go by the name Ski Jump. That's about as close as you'll come.
In the 60's Cedar Point had a Flying Coaster. It was on the main midway along with one or two other flats (I remember a pink and black Tilt a Whirl) between the Colisseum and Pagoda. I think Earthquake came along to take up that spot.

^ Great memory. The Flying Coaster and Tilt a Whirl were side by side between those two buildings for the 1962 & 1963 seasons before being relocated in 1964. There was a fish and clam shop there also.

We also loved Kangaroo at Kennywood a few years back along with their Turtle ride (the "bug" at CP). I never had the experience of riding the similar models at Cedar Point unfortunately.

WolfBobs said:

A good spinning wild mouse type coaster, maybe even something similar to the new one being installed at Tampa next season.

I saw something similar to this at Kennywood two years ago called the Exterminator(?) but it broke down while we were in line for it. It was enclosed in the dark,btw. I wouldn't seeing a coaster/dark ride hybrid I guess. Good suggestion.

^ This is how I see it happening; a hybrid that is family friendly. A wild mouse type coaster is compact enough that it can be enclosed in a building, special effects added, and can still be very family friendly. My hope is that it will be an actual coaster and not something like Voyage to the Iron Reef at Knott's, but I doubt my wish will come true.

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When the condor was a traveling ride twenty something years ago, six flags St. Louis was it's home for a season. Boring as whatever bad word ride ever.

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