A ride that CP doesn't have & you wish it would...

What do you get when you cross Scrambler and Windseeker? this:


(original video was taken down on Youtube).

It's manufactured by Huss (the same company that brought you CP's Frisbee called Maxair) This ride example is called a Condor 2g (2nd generation). It definitely seems like an attention getter and I don't know of any parks close by that have one of these.

I'd personally like to see the park get something along this line (it's high capacity at 56 riders per cycle) and takes up a small footprint. Maybe placed in the area of the Blue Streak midway, (replacing old Pirate Ride building?) would be nice to liven up that area. What is something NEW (flat, coaster, dark, or otherwise) you'd like to see in the next few years?

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I just saw one of these style rides for the first time yesterday at Hersheypark. They call theirs Flying Falcon, and it was manufactured by Arrow.

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That looks cool. I'd also toss Matterhorn into the mix in describing it.

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The only thing I feel like the park is missing is a proper log flume. Right now all 3 water rides in the park will get you absolutely soaked. I wish they still had a traditional flume (preferably without water guns).

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Griffon is such a beautiful coaster.

As for coasters that the park doesn't have that I could see them possibly getting 1) Dive Coaster 2) Large Woodie 3)RMC MS(eventually) 4) Flyer

As for other rides 1) Dark Ride 2) some type of large Mondial flat ride

I walked off STR dry two years ago. I did not get soaked whatsoever. Also, I think the park could open a whole new jar of possibilities by removing Thunder Canyon. I understand that river rapids rides are good on hot days, but I never, even when I was really young, thought there was any worth in those rides. That's just my opinion. I've always thought that that area would be the best place for a dive coaster.

Hersheypark's ride is also a Huss ride. I think there are six in North America with that one, Great Escape, Six Flags Great America, Morey's, Marineland, and LaRonde. Huss got into a groove with rotating circle rides with Troika, Condor, and TriStar. I don't think Condors are especially thrilling, although we did get stuck on Hershey's once and that added to the experience.

The new gen Condor is interesting, it's supposedly an improved design since the original was retired in 2007. I think the tubs look a little funky, though.

Somebody (maybe Huss?) makes a similar version but the cars don't swing. Instead, riders sit in stationary chairs around each ring facing out. It's more of an observation ride than anything, I'd guess.

I'd be all for Cedar Point updating its flat package. Rides like maXair and Skyhawk are swell, but there are so many interesting and thrilling flats out there that could easily take the place of the Matterhorns and Calypsos of the world.
The trouble is that flats are a little difficult to market. "Ten New Rides for 20xx" has been tried before at various parks. It has to done carefully, though, with a mix of thrill and family rides. Plus the good European flats are expensive and require overseas transport. And parts and maintenance is a concern. Lately, rides made in the U.S. are geared to the traveling showman and are small, one trailer affairs.

Back in the day Cedar Point added flats by shopping at other parks and worlds fairs. It may not have been new, but it was new to us in Ohio. Cedar Point and other places (Kennywood) would also lease portable rides which kept "new" rides coming in and out. Thats not the case so much anymore.

These threads always turn to guys jumping on here and laundry listing every type of coaster out there, claiming these are the rides that Cedar Point needs. Ok, but one thing that makes an amusement park great is a nice collection of modern flat rides.

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I really used to love the Falling Star type of rides but I don't know if anyone even makes those anymore. It was a thrilling ride that littler ones can go on if brave enough, and I thought it was really fun. Obviously not much of a place in CP for it now, but I wish they had put one in many years ago that could still be around today.

I also second a traditional log flume ride or any "water" ride where you can get damp, but not soaked. I guess there's always the potential to stay dry on Thunder Canyon, but of course I only come off completely dry when the line is long and I wanted to get soaking wet.

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I feel like Cedar Point could use some more thrilling flat rides. Something along the lines of Sledgehammer, and or Riptide, both at Canada's Wonderland.

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Falling Star was made by Chance and are becoming increasingly rare. I think Six Flags StL still has theirs but it doesn't run very well. One of the best I ever tried was the one at Holiday World, it was called Banshee. It was really fast. I think Indiana Beach still has theirs. (but is it running? dunno.)
Rainbow was also a large and popular ride and was made by Huss. Kentucky Kingdom, and Pavilion each had one and I think they might've been the only permanent mounted ones in the US. Both are gone now.
There's been a recent, beautiful refurbishment of a Rainbow that travels, I believe it shows up with North American Midway, I know it's played the Florida State Fair.
Smaller "carpet" rides are currently manufactured, a frequent name and theme you find is Ali Baba. Waldameer has a nice looking one, but those smaller ones are better suited for fairs and small amusement parks.

I agree with Coco, those types of rides can be a blast. It's also likely that if Cedar Point had one back then it would still be with us.

Six Flags Great America has one of these Condor Rides as well.

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coasterbillM said:
The only thing I feel like the park is missing is a proper log flume. Right now all 3 water rides in the park will get you absolutely soaked. I wish they still had a traditional flume (preferably without water guns).

Shoot the Rapids does not soak riders.

Yeah, I sure do miss the Mill Race back in the day for the reason others stated, it cooled you off but didn't drench you soaking wet. I did enjoy a nice log flume at King's Island last year (something Charlie Brown related) but didn't get a chance to ride the one at Kennywood a few years back.

I'm a coaster guy as much as anyone (I'll go on anything!) but also agree with RCMAC, that the park does need a nice balance of flat rides to compliment the park. I think the addition of Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream last year helped the Gemini area immensely. I'm a big fan of flats (especially ones that used to be at CP such as Bayern Kurve) and love Maxair so I thought the Condor ride by Huss might be a nice addition.

Oh yeah, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a modern $20-$25M dark ride also. We sure could use one of those.

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coasterbillM said:
The only thing I feel like the park is missing is a proper log flume. Right now all 3 water rides in the park will get you absolutely soaked. I wish they still had a traditional flume (preferably without water guns).

Shoot the Rapids does not soak riders.

Yeah, it actually does.

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The only time I get soaked is when some one pays to use a water cannon. Or I am sitting front row and water comes over the front onto my lap. Waterfalls miss me every time, the splash at the bottom is nothing near SRF, and those are your only chances to get wet.

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I don't think my kids have ever gotten off STR dry.

Not exactly a thrill ride, but...

If it were up to me, I wouldn't have let Cedar Point get rid of Paddlewheel Excursions in favor of Dinosaurs Alive! Instead, I would've probably used the dinos as a re-theming of PE. The result would be something similar to the Jurassic Park rides at Universal Studios parks, with dinosaur animatronics in the water and on the banks of Adventure Island, which guests could see from the boats.

Then, à la the defunct Jaws ride in Universal Studios Florida, maybe have this thing "attack" the boat just before the ride ends.

This probably isn't the best idea on here, but it's my way of blending an existing attraction with a former one (specifically, one it replaced).

Indiana Beach still has a Falling Star ride. I grew up not far from the park and they added it when I was in Jr. High so I got to ride it as a teenager and then again later as an adult. On our last visit some of the spinning rides that I had loved when I was younger were no longer enjoyable, but the Falling Star was still a blast. If Cedar Point had something similar it would probably be a crowd pleaser.

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CoasterCam said:

Also, I think the park could open a whole new jar of possibilities by removing Thunder Canyon.

Crazy talk. Aside from adding a nice bit of necessary variety, Thunder Canyon meshes with its environment so beautifully. It would be a waste to raze that land for yet another coaster.


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Trees can be saved. Just because they aren't known for saving trees doesn't mean they couldn't do it. If they want to add variety to their coaster lineup, then a coaster that goes through a thickly wooded area would be a good idea.

I too would not sacrifice the environment in that area for another coaster, but the environment doesn't have to be sacrificed.

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