Winter Chill Out 2022

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Got 2 of the Wicked Twister track pieces. They are awesome got #43 and #44. From the looks of it there should still be plenty to sell to the public later.

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did they say when pieces will go on sale to the public or if anything like the wheels etc.. will be madee available. As a first and last (day) rider of this ride, I would really like to get something unique to complete my memory collection if this ride. If anyone knows if I can maybe email Tony or something. At a minimum please see about a public sale dat for the track pieces and post here if anyone is able. Thanks.

Public sale for the track pieces was said to commence on Monday on line.

Yeah - first thing Tony stated was no questions about TTD.

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That seems to confirm that the current status is more legal that mechanical in me mind with TTD.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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Anyone get any of the Wicked Twister track?

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I did, that tiny inch and a half of rail is a lot heavier than what one would think.

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I did. Amazing piece to have!!

I got one too, and was caught off by it when I first held it. It’s only 5 pounds, but it’s a very dense 5 pounds so it feels a lot heavier in your palm.


On eBay, three WT track pieces have already sold for $500 each on average. A fourth is for sale now with a BIN price of $650. (Some of the bundled stickers are also being sold by themselves. Very entrepreneurial all around! Lol)

I don't understand why CP continues to make the distribution of WT merch so messy--empowering these scalpers. Yes, I blame the eBay buyers for being impatient, but I also blame the park for not being clearer on how many track pieces they'll sell to the public, when, and for how much. If they did that, scalpers might have a harder time duping people into wasting $300.

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Considering they said it was limited to one piece per person and there is someone on these forums who got two says a lot…

I was told limit one....i did not get one, but was told that.

If they were on ebay selling for $500.....they were like $215. at the park. (not sure if that included tax or not)

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mgou58 said:

Considering they said it was limited to one piece per person and there is someone on these forums who got two says a lot…

Crazy to think that a couple would go together and each get a piece.

I personally have no interest in spending $215 on a piece of Wicked Twister track. Heck, I'm not sure I'd spend that much for Magnum track. It'd just be extra "stuff" sitting around collecting dust in a house that already has too much of that. But if they're selling for $500 on eBay, clearly there's a market for them and maybe the park priced them a bit too low.


I agree MDOmnis. I was blown away when I saw it was selling for $215. It's not a legendary ride. I loved White Water Landing, and still miss it. It was a huge ride in my childhood, but I would not pay $215 for a piece of metal of the old lift hill, or a wheel on one of the boats. Crazy! Like you said, just extra junk laying around.

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It can be quite shocking what some might be willing to pay for a certain item, for example;

Shawn, how much would you pay for a section of Rougarou track? (just teasing)

They did not make it to the web site yet unfortunately…watching eagerly so I don’t miss getting mine…

Has anyone heard if there bringing back preferred parking, and does anyone have the list of winners from the drawing at wco.

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$215 for the WT track is how tall it was.

so $420 for TTD track at WCO23.

Either way, the park laughs all the way to the bank, same with buttons & patches.

also… $500 is relative , so is $5 or $50000- you have no idea what the financial position of an eBay buyer is.

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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