Winter Chill Out 2022

I know it’s probably early yet, but had anyone heard any details/rumors on winter chill out for 2022?

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Nope, and we probably won't until around Christmas. The one thing that's a safe bet is it being the 2nd to last Saturday in February.

Am I the only that thinks there is a slight chance the event won't happen this year (or will be modified to eliminate certain maintenance shop stops) if the Dragster incident is still under investigation? The last thing they will want is hundreds of enthusiasts and some Sandusky Register staffers snooping around and posting fact free hypotheticals online.

I think a lot of that is already happening.
Remember- Cedar Point has the right and the power to steer attendees wherever they need to, and can put locks on certain maintenance shops if necessary. I wouldn’t worry about it.
Anyway, wasn’t there a roller coaster’s remodel a few seasons ago that was strictly off limits to keep attendees away from too many details? It was there, just like TTD will be. You just had to stand on tiptoes to see it.

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Didn’t they actually take folks into the infield of the “remodel that wasn’t happening”?


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We got to go into the infield at this past WCO. The one RCMAC is referring to was 2017 I believe, when the park hadn't announced Steel Vengeance yet, and wanted to keep people away from seeing the RMC track (even though we all had seen it anyhow).

Nah I seriously remember there being a big reveal about the speed bump at the bottom of the first drop. I was arguing it was not in line with the first drop, because I wasn’t there, and I was seeing a bunny hill near perimeter road. The speed bump was behind the bunny hill I could see. I guess it could’ve also been WCO 2018, I don’t really remember when SV was announced.

Stand by, Houston. Let me see if I can find it.


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We were shown a picture of said speed bump during the presentation at wco in 2017 for a few seconds, and they just said "whoops" or something of the sort.

My mistake it wasn’t WCO. It was some sneak preview contest in August 2017. But point being they still took folks back into an active construction zone.


Any guess when registration for WCO will be for the 2022 event?

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Very soon!!


Well that random post you put in an old thread said this week.. Can you narrow it down to a day please?

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Any updates on the WCO front?

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Per Tony on his live stream earlier today, Winter Chill Out information will come after the first of the year.

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Can you confirm you were just trolling?

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If you're referring to the fact that there hasn't been an announcement yet, it's important to understand that "after the first of the year" doesn't mean January 2nd, 12:00:01 AM. It just means not before January 1st.


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I don't personally know Walt, but being the owner of this site, I don't see why he would ever troll his readers.

Definitely not towards Walt or Tony, It was in reference to Yukonman stating in another thread the info would drop the beginning of the week before Christmas.

Sorry I didnt use the reply button, I saw someone get called out for using it in another post

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Oh, yeah Yukonman was definitely trolling with lots of wishful thinking.

Lmao! Right!!

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