Winter Chill Out 2022

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I got 2 for the 8am slot. I had no issues at all either fortunately.

I got mine for 10:00. I was trying for 8:00 and got the same cart empty error that others got. Luckily I was fast enough to try again. The 10:00 slot was the only one left at that point.

What happened to the "More event details coming before next week"? I guess when the demand's so high it sells out in 2 mins they don't need to provide info to generate any more interest.

myxmastrmike, I will gladly pay you for one of your 11 am tickets if you don’t want more can’t use it.

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djDaemon said:

Seems like a lot of this nonsense (people unable to get 2 tickets together is pretty absurd) could be avoided by setting this up as a lottery, randomly selecting X number of entrants to receive the opportunity to purchase 2 tickets each or whatever.

My thoughts exactly. Clearly there's enough discrepancy between availability and demand to warrant something like that. Or alternatively do it over the course of a few days and sell more tickets.

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This is the second year I click in at 10:00 and it was sold out.

I think the same thing will happen for Coastermania with no club membership required this year.

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Sorry Jake10,

I could have midnight as our time and I'd still go 😅

We'd just prefer an earlier time.

They could add a full second day on the Sunday and I think demand would still sell it out in minutes. I agree with what some have said, time to look at a lottery system (I find it unlikely they'd expand the event to 2 days).

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Tony tweeted that there will in fact be a lottery for a small 2nd batch of tickets tonight, and you can submit your name for entry to possibly get some tickets.

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Clearly, there is exceptionally strong demand (which is good, considering the proceeds go to charity). But it seems to me there is still something fundamentally "broken" in their ticketing system, if it allows people to add tickets to their cart--and then, while those people are entering the required address and payment information, those same tickets disappear when they click "submit." Granted, the cart shouldn't hold tickets indefinitely to avoid "squatting"--but I'm certain many people (like me) took a matter of 20-30 seconds to complete their address and payment info, and still had their carts go empty.

I can understand the fact that this happened for the first time last year, as I believe the ticketing system was new (or at least changed since the prior Chill Out in '20), and bugs happen. But since the exact same thing happened this year, doesn't it point to some flaw in the ticketing system?

I appreciate the resulting "lottery," and I don't feel "entitled" to purchase tickets at any time--I enjoy the event, and am glad others will have the opportunity to enjoy it. Unless we win the lottery, we won't make it this year. But darn it, something is still off about the process. (And I truly feel for Tony & the other folks who have to field the complaints when it's not "on them.")

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Im fortunate I guess and got tickets for 10am without any issues. Its amazing how this has grown from a small group of PointBuzzers who met for an off-season tour of the park into this megaevent. I remember back in the day just a small number of us being led around by Brian Edwards.

Its hard to ask for a 2nd day because the park staff are giving up one of their precious few weekends they have off during the year to host us.

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It's Accesso.

I had problems buying my season pass this year just because I tried to do it using Safari; ended up having to use a mobile browser to do it. The sad fact is that Accesso is the market leader in e-commerce systems for amusement venues, and they really don't have their fuvg together.

I went to the IAAPA trade show last November, and one of the first booths I visited was Accesso, where I related the fact that I had problems making a simple purchase with their software. They gave me a pen. Several booths around the show gave me pens, in fact, this one from Conductix/Wampfler is particularly nice. Wouldn't you know it, the Accesso pen actually *broke* before I got back to the hotel. Pretty much exactly what I expect from them.

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They're actually doing a lottery to get WCO tickets, and I entered. You have until 10 pm to enter it.

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myxmastrmike said:

I ended up getting 11am because that was all that was available.
If anyone has an earlier time and would like to trade, let me know.
We usually do 8am.

Willing to trade for 10am???

So at what point will we be reminded of the Ticket of a Lifetime lottery with the "did not win" email for WCO? LOL

Probably no connection, but I'm wondering if opening up Coastermania to the GP this year has anything to do with Coaster Con being held there later in June. IMO, Coastermania was MUCH better pre-internet, when it was omly open to coaster club members and season passholders.

Ahh,.. here comes the "Walt Kowalski" demographic.

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Anyone get a ticket for winter chill out through the lottery system that tony clark posted on twitter the other day?

DragsterD, nope I tried but was not successful. Unless they only sent out a few e-mails at a time, which is a possibility.

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If anyone has an extra ticket that they see can’t be used, I’d be willing to pay for it. Just something to keep in mind if the point allows it.

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Apparently it’s a lot easier to get WCO tickets if you are in Nigeria. There are a bunch of new accounts on the “cedar point winter Chill out” Facebook group that are selling a bunch of tickets.

And yes that’s how the group name is capitalized.

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