Wicked Twister Deconstruction

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Just do it the way Hersheypark does the Chocolatier. I don't know how because I haven't been there yet, but I'd imagine there's a park side and a Chocolate World side, both being served from the same kitchen, but separated by walls or dividers that are inconspicuous enough that they don't look like they're trying to keep you out/in.

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djDaemon said:

With the work going on on the WT site, I'm curious as to the fate/future of Kiddy Kingdom. We haven't been to the park since 2019, but at that time the area was in need of some TLC...

Since this thread started I've been racking my brain trying to remember the thread where we literally had this exact conversation; how the park really needed a "re-do" of Kiddy Kingdom. I think it started when the aquatic stadium was demolished, but I have been thinking this all along.

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