Wicked Twister Deconstruction

Some people are just butt-hurt because it isn't a record breaking roller coaster.

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Maybe they'll build an aquarium there. Or maybe a medieval-themed play area for kids.

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Or an upside down funhouse.

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Kevin, devil's advocate here...likening a gazebo to a two story pavilion isn't quite the same thing. I agree it harkens back to a simpler time at the point. And goes with the beach/boardwalk theme. But I do believe it will block the beach again from the park, to an extent. Will we be looking at the back of the building from the park? How much open air is there? There are many questions left and until we see it, we don't know. I hope it fits great. I'm sure it will.

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I would be in favor of the Upside-Down Funhouse. Loved the tilted beer room.

The footers viewed from the ferris wheel line up pretty well with the leaked artwork. They wouldn't need to move Giant Wheel. Assuming it is the same size as the old pavilion, which it looks like it is, it would fit nicely on the beach and symmetrically centered on Giant Wheel.

What goes in the rest of the construction area then?

Hypothetically, if they create a boardwalk walking path from WindSeeker to this new Grand Pavilion, they could build over the current giant walking path between Planet Snoopy and Dodgem. That leaves a good chunk left for new rides/coasters, etc. Tony did say in a recent interview, didn't he, that this area would soon be home to "something for everyone?"

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vwhoward said:

Will we be looking at the back of the building from the park?

If construction is really for this building, I don't think it will have a "back side." I'd imagine the park side will look just as attractive as the beach side.

It's still plenty of room for a big stage to replace the celebration stage if that's the way they're going. Possibly a nice view of any shows from the upper floor of the pavilion. I noticed some of the old stage infrastructure is still there, probably doesn't mean anything.

I'd assume it would be right on the fenceline. There's the possibility it would be considered outside the park like the lakeside dining room, the facilities for special events only. I'd guess it'd be inside and just for park guests, or possibly re-configurable.

If it would actually fit in the space shown in JeffH's visual, having it there may not be so bad... but looking at the scale/massing of the building on the "Park Side Elevation" that was leaked, it just seems bigger than that by at least 1/3 to 1/2. I'm still holding out hope that the new building is going where the Convention Center/Melt/Employee Dining Patio is currently though. If we see a slab matching the outline made by the footers though, then it would be hard to dispute.

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I dunno about you, but the Giant Wheel framing this new pavilion will look just fine from the park side.

I think there is more than just the grand pavillion in CP's plan... there is still a lot of open area to be used.

I completely understand about wanting to preserve the park’s past history where they can. I am glad that they do that, some parks don’t do that when considering updates/new areas/attractions. The part that I am confused about is why the heck that they want to put a building near the Lakeside Midway when their ultimate goal was to open up the views to the beach from inside the park itself🤔

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Because you can still see the lake, and it won't take up the whole section - plus, if there are balconies outside that offer lake views, that's still seeing the lake from inside the park.

How many park visitors actually walk along the fence or beach and look at the lake saying "O what a beautiful lake"? There is a nice view of the lake by Gatekeeper. Not many standing there looking out at the water. Disaster Transport and the stadium were eye sores. This looks like it will be a nice building. For those of you who an unobstructed view of the lake, go out the gate (it's free) and you get a beautiful view of the water all the way to Canada.

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I swear sometimes it feels like there's a knee jerk reaction to the thought of anything that's not a roller coaster being built, that's not that far removed from the bad old days of the "TAER IT DOWN!" mindset, although obviously it'd have to be more like a misspelled version of "DON'T BUILD THAT!"

If this hypothetical pavilion is anything like the mock-up JeffH posted, I think it will fit in perfectly, especially if they do indeed reroute the primary traffic flow along the beach proper. If this is intended to replace the celebration plaza stage too, that's even more of a bonus to pedestrian flow.

I appreciate the improvements even if they're not directed at me (and I do get plenty of use from the restaurants). But Steel Vengeance is 4 years old now, seems like they're due for a new recordbreaker. I'm sure the lake view is excellent from the top of a 500 foot lift hill.

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The view of the lake is already blocked in that area by the literal giant wheel in front of where the pavilion will be, so it's not like this building will make it more blocked.

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Hudson said:

Steel Vengeance is 4 years old now, seems like they're due for a new recordbreaker.

I know, right? It's almost like something happened between 2018 and 2022. Weird.

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I have to admit, this idea is growing on me. At this point, I'm convinced that the foods building is going there next to the Giant Wheel. It just took me a while to accept it. After yesterday's article on Cleveland.com, where they interviewed someone in the city's building permits office, there is no longer any doubt as to where the food building was going. We've seen a lot of utility markings in the midway behind Planet Snoopy and the Coliseum. If the midway ends up between the lake and the new building (on a boardwalk perhaps) and the space where the stadium was and the current midway occupies is dedicated to other developments such as rides and a (non-record breaking but nostalgic) coaster it could end up being REALLY nice.

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Well, C Hertling, I would posit that most people aren't thinking long-term with regards to this development, nor do they have an appreciation for how overdue this entire area of the park (and not just the vacated Wicked Twister plot) is for a facelift.

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