Wicked Twister Deconstruction

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So far, the construction appears to be mostly on the lake side of Giant Wheel, so assuming that stays the new building might not have much of an impact on the view over there.


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Well, at least that Facebook group posted pictures of the "coming soon" Build-A-Bear place to be located in Frontier Town.

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I hope you're right, dj. Things ways seem larger in my head until I see them in person.

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HeyIsntThatRob? said:

I came across the Cedar Point Nation Group on Facebook.

I'm guessing those are the pictures being referred to. There's also permit information on a 2 story grand pavilion that someone came across and posted, allegedly for the park.

Pet peeve... if you don't at the very least post a link to what you are talking about... why even post?

If your pet peeve is based upon your inability to do basic research on your own…I’m sorry? And many private Facebook groups that post those photos don’t like things being linked outside the group. But what do I know?

vwhoward said:

I agree. I tried to get the dude to post a link. He refused.

If you’re referring to me you most certainly did not.

Moving along.

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One thing I noticed on the permit website linked above is that the actual building permit hasn't yet been issued. ("Hold for Review" status) This makes me think that it isn't directly related to the footers we're seeing on the old Wicked Twister site. The parcel number noted on the permit site indicates that whatever the permit is for will be in the front part of the park (within the yellow boundary on the "Parcel Boundary" aerial view)

Parcel Boundary: https://imgur.com/m4eVoNU

There was also a architectural drawing that appeared on one of the CP Facebook groups I'm in, although I'm not sure whether it is legitimate. (Since I don't know if it was legally obtained and I don't want to run afoul of any site rules, I'm not attaching that image to this post... If Jeff says it is OK, I will add it in a follow up reply) The scale of that building would be out of place for the lakefront and it would cut off the park from the shore, going against their stated intention of embracing the connection between the beach and the park.

My thoughts: The building permit for the "Grand Pavilion" is for a new Foodservice building that will be located on the current location of the Convention Center, Melt and the Employee Dining Patio. It should be noted that the original name for the Convention Center was the Grand Pavilion... so this seems fitting. Yes, it is a historic building, but it no longer resembles its original form... and CP has torn down Historic Buildings before in the name of progress. The current convention center seems outdated and underutilized and this truly would be a better use of the space. Plus, during the Coastermania Q&A, Tony indicated that they were focusing on guest experiences (specifically dining) at the moment.

I feel that whatever is happening on the beach is unrelated to this permit.

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mgou58 said:

vwhoward said:

I agree. I tried to get the dude to post a link. He refused.

If you’re referring to me you most certainly did not.

Moving along.

I don't know who you are. How could I be referring to you? You think too highly of yourself, I guess. I flat out asked the guy to post a link. So many people out there...Do YoUr OwN rEsEaRcH! Bro, you took a screenshot. Link the page. It's literally just as easy. And then maybe people can see the whole scope, not just what was cherry picked for the screenshot.

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Lmao. I didn’t post a screenshot either.

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Then I guess I wasn't referring to you, huh?

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According to the Facebook page Cedar Point Nation; the construction is for the new Grand Pavilion. Looks like they were able to track down the plans filed with Sandusky.

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Soooo what we've been talking about?

Maybe that is just the loading station for a new 500 ft. floorless woodie that interacts with the lake.

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Ah yes, bringing back those arrow dynamics concepts!

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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First, a walk down memory lane...

Per Cedar Point's historical timeline:

1888: The enormous Grand Pavilion opens, featuring an auditorium, bowling alleys and dining facilities. The adjacent Ladies' Pavilion provided refreshments suitable for ladies and children. Band stand added in front of Grand Pavilion for Great Western Band. Steamer "I.M. Weston" chartered.

LINK: http://www.walkervilletimes.com/36/cedar-point.html

Per the article linked above:

In 1887, Charles Baetz formed a new company to run the fledgling resort. A major construction project resulted in the Grand Pavilion in 1888. This two-story building, 110 feet wide and 168 feet long, contained a theatre, concert hall, photographer’s studio, bowling alleys, and a bar. The centre also included a large cupola where guests could peer out over Lake Erie. They also constructed Music and Ladies Pavilions, where guest preferred cakes, fruits, ice cream and a soda water bar.

And a picture of the old pavilion:

The pavilion was at the time, the heart of all of the activities at Cedar Point.

If you have seen the pictures of the plans, you can see the nod to history.

This part of the park has been in dire need of a complete reimagination ever since they removed the eyesore that was the aquatic stadium. Nearly all the attention has been back in Frontier Town.

There is a lot of revenue to be gained by a place actually inside the park that could be rented out for weddings, gatherings, parties...and enjoyed by general park guests with games, activities, new food options...not to mention this could really ignite a lot of activity around the boardwalk and the beach.

It's still not official, but if this is the start of an overhaul of that corner of the park, I personally like what I have seen.

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Will this block the view of the lake? I thought that opening up the view was the plan with the removal of the eyesores including Disaster Transport.

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One could argue that a beautiful lake-side grand pavilion on the Boardwalk enhances the view.

The aquatic stadium was ugly.

Disaster Transport was even uglier.

This looks nice.

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Once again about the view of the lake, huh? For crying out loud, walk a few yards in any direction and there’s the lake.
Maybe we’ll be able to sit on the porch of this lovely new building and look at the lake as long as we want. Lake view lovers should rejoice.
I don’t know who promised to restore the view of the lake for all time but I’m sure (PR-wise) it was a good enough excuse to tear down some sh**ty stuff over there.

It may have been PR spin, but the stuff about how DT and the stadium walled off the beach and how they wanted to open it up again came from (now retired) Corporate VP of Planning and Design Rob Decker back when Gatekeeper opened in 2013.


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Let me rephrase.

Let's say I have a backyard with a view out onto a beautiful lake. Someone sets a giant metal, ugly box and/or whatever 1970's concrete thing the aquatic stadium was blocking my view of the water. I would say it was walled off.

If you placed a beautiful gazebo in place of those ugly monstrosities, I would no longer say it was walled off.

We don't even have anything official about this yet, but if you've looked at the leaked plans and this turns out to be it, it will actually draw more people to enjoy the lake-view utilizing the pavilion.

This is something you should see at a lakefront and on a Boardwalk. The things that were torn down are things that just shouldn't be seen.

That said, I hope they intend to also rebuild a separate pavilion just for women and children with appropriate snacks and treats.

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Lake Erie had 799 miles of shoreline, lol.
And to rephrase, if I’m at Cedar Point I’m perfectly happy with knowing the lake is out there in the same spot as always. And that I’d rather see rides and attractions inside the park.
I remember Rob Decker’s statement and it worked for the removal of DT, the stadium, and the installation of Gatekeeper. But for the rest of that stretch? C’mon. If anything, a pavilion would satisfy all things related to the lake.

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