Wicked Twister Deconstruction

Kevinj said:

I know, right? It's almost like something happened between 2018 and 2022. Weird.

Plenty happened, new restaurants, snake river boats, forbidden frontier, the parade/show. Kidding aside, I do wonder how much covid & the dragster indecent affected their future plans. Did they just push everything back, or make major changes. Did anything cool get cancelled that we'll never know about.

KevinNJ - I fully expected a restaurant as part of the redevelopment (plus other items, some of which may be coming in 2024 or beyond)... I just wasn't sold on the beachfront being the best place for the foods building. As Tony has said, improvements that help make the park a multi-day destination are key parts of the plan right now and improving dining (and lodging - see Castaway Bay and Sawmill) are big parts of that.

In terms of accompanying developments, I don't anticipate anything record-breaking ("The coaster wars are over" - Tony Clark - 6/3/22) or even a steel coaster ("Have you seen the price of steel lately?" - paraphrasing Tony Clark - 6/3/22) but I could see a more modest coaster that pays homage to the past in the remaining redevelopment space in the next year or two ("We will honor our coaster legacy.... and that IS a hint" - Tony Clark - 6/3/22) Whether it is this coming season, or the one after that, I think there are strong indications for a more modest wooden coaster in the area between Windseeker and the Giant Wheel, possibly a clone of a past one, such as the Cyclone.

Guessing those statements are from the Coastermania q&a? I missed it this year. Or did I miss a press release/interview too? Your conclusion sounds reasonable. Guess I need to temper my desires a bit.

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I haven't read much into the details of this new building but if it is multistory, maybe it could be like the Serengeti Overlook at Busch Gardens Tampa. That building has multiple eating options in it and will soon have a passholder lounge as well as seating with a good view. I think something like that would be a nice addition to CP.

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Yes, those were from the Coastermania Q&A. I missed the first 10 minutes or so, but those were the big takeaways in my opinion.

Do you think maybe the park will for once actually consider indoor seating that is both cooled AND heated? You know, since the weather in Sandusky isn’t always 80 and sunny?

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I think I seen it on Reddit, so I won't take credit but I do agree. By making these large food restaurants designed to feed salt of people, that could make way for the removal of the smaller eateries/structures and free up space for more rides

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Indeed, and these newer establishments will feed patrons much more efficiently, so definitely a "win-win" scenario.

With the work going on on the WT site, I'm curious as to the fate/future of Kiddy Kingdom. We haven't been to the park since 2019, but at that time the area was in need of some TLC, so I would imagine they have plans to address that.


Have the lakeside express or roost locations opened at all yet this year? They seem like likely candidates for removal. I typically don't even consider that area of the park when I'm hungry.

Last I was in the park (June 5) It appeared that Roost hadn't been opened yet. With the proximity to the building of the utility markers on the pavement, I'm thinking we have a good idea why....

After viewing the entire construction site (from the Giant Wheel) yesterday afternoon, all I can say is .... that is certainly the most interesting layout of restaurant footers I've ever seen.

C Hertling said:

Last I was in the park (June 5) It appeared that Roost hadn't been opened yet.

I'd say it's because that location has a history of opening for about three total weeks during the season in mid July.

That makes more sense. I can honestly say I've never seen it open and I go there quite often. I thought it had never opened to begin with.

We thought the footers looked like something for a ride. Most building have foundations instead of footers unless this is going to be a raised building.

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Would an open air main floor pavilion have "footers" instead of a traditional foundation? But have the option for enclosed upper floors?

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Building on sand is going to turn most buildings foundation systems into something that looks like a footing. Need more surface area to spread the loads.

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The construction has both foundations - which would support a wall, atop which they're building out of cinderblocks right now, per CP Rundown (I think) - as well as footers (or piers) that support columns that would allow for the sort of large, multi-story open space in the leaked plans. Plus, the foundation work is symmetrical, so...

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Will it be in or out of the park? I’d say out.

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It would be cool if they could make it both somehow. During park operation, block off access from the outside, and vice versa. That would enable a new dining/entertainment venue in the off hours as an additional revenue stream.

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That's actually easily doable in my mind with current park operations.

Could have different areas to access from park or from outside during park hours, or just treat it like outside but stamp park guest's when coming in like they are leaving via a gate. Etc...

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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