Wicked Twister Deconstruction

To make the math easy, I'll round the price of steel up to $400 / ton. This comes out to $0.20 / lb. A twister wheel is $215 for 5 pounds, or $43 / lb. This comes out to a 215x (21,500%) markup on the steel, minus whatever the cost to add the case is.

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^ A Nothing Burger with Tony Cheese added.

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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You know what they call a Nothing Burger with Tony Cheese in France?

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Yep, long article with 1 line of 'new' info. "guests will be able to witness a few ‘changes’ to the boardwalk as the season moves along". So can we speculate that:

1. They're going to be building something big/obvious enough they aren't going to try to hide it.

2. It's going to take longer to build than the next offseason if they're starting while they're open.

3. It covers the boardwalk, not just the WT site. Will they leave a walking path open from the front to the back during construction?

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Any new thoughts? Some great photos from the giant wheel of the site. My thinking is stage and/or entertainment venue overlooking the lake.

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This is going to be excellent watching the speculation. 🍿

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Okay Mr. Jeff, here goes!

*State of the art charging facility for responsible visitors to charge their electric cars.

*Convenient area for food delivery trucks to supply the overwhelming amount of restaurants.

*Off-season storage area for Giant Wheel cabins.

*New area to perform power washing of dumpsters.

*Observation area to predict rain droplets approaching, or whether SkyRide is open.

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Rub-A-Dub Tubs 2.0

Hoping for a Gerstlauer as that would fit perfectly. But am certainly open to a nice waterside entertainment venue/bar/etc.

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A new "bathhouse" in homage to CP history and has changing rooms/bathrooms on the beach side, a pier/deck over the beach, a food court on the same level as the "pier", and a live entertainment/restaurant hall on the main floor.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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If I keep saying it's the Aquatrax, I have to right eventually, don't I?

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Giant sized complaint department.

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With the way operations have been the last few years, they may need it

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Dennis Urban said:

Giant sized complaint department.

Couldn't be larger than your signature.

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I feel like things are going just fine at Cedar Point. Don't know why everybody thinks the operation is suck?

A new artisan demonstration of how to turn all the felled trees from the park into sawdust.

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I've been predicting since the demolition of WT: a new stage to replace the current one. I think they liked the temporary night stage a few seasons ago. I believe it's much more functional to have it be in an area like versus the walkway it's currently in by Iron Dragon. I've always been confused at the placement of the current stage. Some people are trying to walk by, and some are trying to watch. I'd be better for everyone to have a better defined stage area

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I hope to GOD it's not another overpriced restaurant which they don't need!

I hope it is.
How about seafood with a nice view of the beach?

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